Kace In Point – 4/28/2009

This is one of those days where I’m never really sure what I’m gonna type ’til I type it, so this appears to be a little off kilter, then forgive me.

WWE Backlash was this past Sunday and with it, we have some new World Champions. When one looks at the title picture now, it has a very Edge friendly look to it.

The World Heavyweight Champion is Edge himself, after defeating John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match.

Randy Orton, Edge’s Rated RKO tag team partner is now WWE Heavyweight Champion after getting pinfall on Triple H in a Six Man Tag match.

And there’s Christian, Edge’s former tag team partner and, “brother,” now hoisting the ECW Championship on the heels of defeating Jack Swagger.

Combine that with Vicki Edge as General Manager of Raw and you have yourself quite the power play, storyline wise. Maybe WWE will recognize this and run with it. Maybe this is our new age Clique, so to speak. Maybe.

Just imagine the fun this group could have running roughshod over everyone else, causing some sort of strange rebellion to counteract them, with John Cena, Triple H and (with the ECW title involved) Tommy Dreamer. If that happens, we could be in for a fun Summer.

If not, that won’t be much of a surprise. If nothing else though, we still have the epic Hornswoggle Vs. Santina Marella feud to look forward to.