10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT – 4.30.2009

1) I really wonder what TNA has in store, for the Motor City Machineguns. They actually jobbed to Suicide and the returning Amazing Red tonight. Amazing Red was never cool.

2) Velvet Sky looks … different, lately.

3) Has Stevie Richards signed with TNA, or is this a weekly thing, and will it ever pay off to anything?

4) I’m a huge fan of Doug Williams, and this British Invasion stable could be some decent mid-card heels.

5) Awesome Kong as a babyface is working.

6) I’m glad the Machineguns got a chance to talk, but then they still got beat up by one guy, who doesn’t even have a first name.

7) Cody Deaner can just go away any time now.

8) Is TNA really paying Jenna Morasca money just to stand next to Kevin Nash? And do they really think that anyone is going to have to pay money to see a feud between her and Sharmell?

9) Nash and Booker both need to retire and never wrestle again.

10) This seems like as good a place as any to offer my condolences to Elix Skipper and his family for their recent loss.

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