10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars – 04.30.09

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1. I enjoy Maria in the ring.  She has continually improved her game and it showed in the tag team match.  Given more training, she could rival Lita in the near future.  I’m not talking about sleazy Lita, though.

2. Ouch, that kick could have been dangerous.  Good thing Gail Kim is alright.

3. The package highlighting Mark Henry was interesting, to say the least.

4. Evan Bourne is crazy.  Doing the SSP on one leg is very awesome.  This makes me want a Christian/Bourne feud.

5. The extra touches the WWE does with the European Tour snapshots is awesome.

6. I’m slightly happy with Josh Matthews being a regular interviewer, but I prefer Gregory Helms.

7. Rhodes and DiBiase are getting better on the mic and their promo was straight to the point.

8. DiBiase put Carlito into dreamland.  Could the Legacy be a threat to the Unified Tag Team Titles?

The last two thoughts are on the show as a whole.

9. I thought Superstars would be a show that pits two people from different brands against each other?  Tonight’s show had one match from the three brands.  I’m not making a huge complaint about it, but if I wanted to see one more match from each brand, I’d rather them cut out some of the backstage segments.

10. The WWE can put on better one hour shows at times.  Tonight’s show was entertaining, so no complaints from me.

Paul Marshall has been with Pulse Wrestling since September 2007. He currently does a weekly WWE Column titled "This Week In 'E". Follow him on Twitter here.