Sad Day In History Note, Along With Much Lighter Ones

PWI’s Buck Woodward points out that today, among other things, is the sixth anniversary of the death of Miss Elizabeth.

In much, much lighter news, it’s also the 28th anniversary of Harley Race ending Tommy Rich’s four day NWA Title reign, which began his sixth; the eleventh anniversary of All Japan’s first solo event at the Tokyo Dome, their biggest show ever; and the thirteenth anniversary of Jerry Lawler’s 21st USWA Heavyweight Title reign, which began when he defeated Razor Ramon, of all people.

Oh, and Joey Styles cut this promo three years ago, “quitting” WWE and going all worked shoot on our asses. Which is funny, because 4/5ths of the Spirit Squad have been future endeavored since this happened, while Joey’s still hanging in there, albeit on

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