WWE DotCom Delivery – Week of 05/02/2009

It’s been a long time since the last edition of the DotCom Delivery. For the first three weeks I was in the US, including my long awaited trip to WrestleMania, and in the last two weeks I just couldn’t get DotCom videos to work. I think WWE might have blocked access to their videos from certain countries, since I know for a fact that many people here in Israel, on different ISPs couldn’t access those videos for a few weeks. So what’s new with the DotCom since we last left it? John Morrison and The Miz are no longer together but The Dirt Sheet is alive and kicking, Cryme Tyme moved to Smackdown, Santino is about to be single again and Josh Mathews is no longer on the DotCom. Speaking of Josh, one of the greatest personalities in the history of the DotCom (Who can forget the Tim White series?), I had the pleasure and honour of calling the final minutes of the classic Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair match from WrestleMania 24 on the last session of Axxess before WrestleMania, with Josh Mathews himself, and I have the DVD to prove it. I sucked, but it was still fun. On with the Delivery.

When we last left Cryme Tyme and Word Up back in March, they were on Raw and JTG was just starting to fall for Yummy Girl. Now they’re on Smackdown, have a new set for their show and this week Yummy Girl finally makes an appearance. But first, it’s time for this week’s word – BITER: a person who copies or a fool who poaches your goods. Shad blames JTG of being a biter because he used his lines while talking to Yummy Girl. And since she fails to make an appearance at the start of the show, Shad think she’s actually Santina. What’s wrong with that? But then he finds out the truth, and she’s not Santina.

I was there when Santina won the Ms. WrestleMania Battle Royal. And she deserved the title. But her winning obviously drove a rift between her twin brother Santino and the Glamazon, as evident from WWE TV and the DotCom. That’s why on this week’s Santino’s Casa, the two visit a couples’ therapist. We learn some disturbing things from their therapy session, including the facts that Santino wets the bed and that he once pooped all over the front yard. Despite everything, Santino is still confident that Glamarella will survive this rough patch. Obviously he did not watch Backlash.

After last week John Morrison presented the Dirt Sheet on his own and dedicated it to the dorkiness of his former partner, this week The Miz fights back with his own solo Dirt Sheet, dedicated to Morrison and his questionable manlyness. Miz even goes on to wish Morrison good luck in his future endeavors. Ouch. You know, I’m glad their giving us a few extra weeks of the Dirt Sheet since it continues to be the best thing on the DotCom even in this format and I hope the current shows will lead to a blowoff match between the former members of the greatest tag team of the 21st century and a fitting sendoff to the show that made the DotCom worthwhile.

And another show that got some work done is the Weekly Top Five, which has a completely new look. Also, Josh Mathews has moved up to ECW and instead of making Jack Corpella the permanent host they decided to eliminate this position altogether and just run with the top five moments. This week they are The Brian Kendrik’s missile dropkick on ofi Kingston from Raw, Evan Bourne’s shooting star press on Paul Burchill from Superstars, Jeff Hardy launching himself on a bound Matt Hardy and in the process breaking his hand from Backlash, Umaga’s attack on CM punk from Smackdown and the number 1 spot goes to Big Show throwing John Cena into a spotlight on Backlash.

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