NBC Leaning Towards Keeping Medium Around Another Year

UPDATE: The earlier reports weren’t entirely accurate. Medium remains in contention for 2009-10, but its renewal is not yet official. It could be one of the pickups when NBC announces the rest of its slate for next season on May 19.

NBC hasn’t put out any official word on its 2009-10 lineup yet, but the pieces are starting to fill in — with the latest one being the renewal of the veteran drama Medium.

Details are a little bit sketchy on the show’s sixth season, but reports say NBC is ordering something less than a typical full season. The series is likely to get between 13 and 18 episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Medium pickup follows on the heels of NBC renewing its rookie cop series Southland late last week. Another new show, Parks and Recreation, is expected to join them when NBC makes its schedule announcement Monday afternoon.

The trade papes are still saying, meanwhile, that Chuck fans may be kept in suspense for a week or two while NBC makes a decision on its on-the-fence shows. Dsicussions with studios about renewals are primarily focused on budgets and license fees in anticipation of a weak upfront ad market.

NBC is also reportedly stocking up on dramas for midseason as a hedge against Jay Leno’s prime-time show faring poorly in the fall.

Source: Zap2It