A Moment's All I Ask – 5.7.09

Rock week was fun on The Lambert Show, er… I mean, American Idol. As I expected, Adam stole the show from the beginning with a sexually playful and charged version of “Whole Lotta Love”, which worked very well for him for him. All comments about his sexuality aside, he’s able to draw attention from both sexes where it doesn’t even matter what he prefers.

The biggest mistake of the week was that Allison Iraheta went home, while Danny Gokey (complete with the scream heard ’round the world) is still here. I’ve realized that he’s very smug and something seems false about him. I’m glad Kris stayed, even though this wasn’t his best performance, and he looks miserable in the duet form as well as the entire format of this week’s show.

But Allison gave what I thought was a solid performance of the Janis Joplin song and she really turned it out for her performance after having been voted off. Her duet with Adam had true chemistry, and I think they are the Carly and Michael of this season, from a performance standpoint.

This is still Adam’s show and competition, and I can only hope it’s a showdown between Adam and Kris Allen, who remains humble and likable. Allison has a long career ahead of her and she could surprise a lot of people in the kind of record she puts out.

What did you guys think of Paula’s new single/dance number? If anything, I’ve got to give her credit for the dancing, but the song leaves a lot to be desired. But props for the stage dive, if anything.

No Doubt was interesting tonight, as I’m a fan, and I love “I’m Just a Girl”, but it seems a little strange for the band to be back together. Gwen has incredible energy but something feels a little off since she was ordained a pop princess.

Daughtry, however, proved once again how amazing he is and the quintessential example of how you don’t need the “crown” to make a huge name for yourself. Good for him, and the new album should be another solid release.

Thanks for reading; make your moment your breakthrough.

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