WWE DotCom Delivery – Week of 05/10/09

I’m afraid e might have to announce the demise of the Slammy award winning show, The Dirt Sheet. The show that was the cornerstone of the DotCom and made sitting through countless crappy Word Ups worthwhile, might have sang its Swan Song, because there’s no new Dirt Sheet this week. If last week’s show was really the last one, this is a sad day. Here’s the Delivery.

Before moving on to the weekly Yummy Girl saga, Cryme Tyme’s word of the week on Word Up is BOOKED = caught red-handed or straight-up busted. And now we learn that Shad is mad at JTG because apparently JTG stole his lines from Shad when he was hitting on Yummy Girl. Shad exposed that on Access Hollywood, thus JTG was booked. This is stupid.

Santino’s Casa takes a break from the continuing breakup of Santino and the Glamazon and instead has a special Mother’s Day edition, with Santina and Beth Phoenix only being heard briefly in the background. He sends a special message to his (and Santina’s) mother, Mama Marella, who gave birth not only to him but also to his wonderful twin sister.

Finally, the Weekly Top Five are Santina’s cartwheels from Raw, Christian vs. Swagger from ECW, Michelle McCool vs. Gail Kim from Smackdown, Randy Orton escaping Shane McMahon elbow drop to the announce table from Raw and the number 1 spot goes to John Morrison’s victory on Charlie Haas. Go Morrison!

But that’s not all. As a Mother’s Day bonus, we get a special video message from the mother of Santino and Santina, Mama Marella! Who can resist an Italian mother?

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