10 Thoughts on RAW – 05.11.09

Steroid veins, Big Daddy V and confusion. 10 Thoughts on RAW!

1. I’m sick with WWE booking stipulations for every single curtain jerker that affects the main event. Last week, it was “Win and You’re In” and this week it’s the whole handicap match thing. Vickie didn’t even specify it was for tonight; I thought these stipulations changed the Judgement Day main event!

2. Is Vickie’s goal to look like a perfect circle? If it is, she’s doing a damn good job. I give it two more months and she won’t need a wheelchair to roll down to the ring.

3. I used to be torn between Maria and Mickie James as the hottest diva in the WWE, but now that I see Maryse on a weekly basis she took the title. Not only is she dirty hot, but she’s the perfect heel diva. She hates everyone and she has the mannerisms and actions that make you feel inferior perfected.

4. Did anyone see Jillian Hall blatantly dive through the ropes after Kelly Kelly held them open for a good two seconds?

5. After The Brian Kendrick’s win, a push should start to bloom. The Miz would be a good tag team partner for him, but if they truly want him to pattern Shawn’s footsteps they have to bring back Big Daddy V. Or Kevin Nash.

6. I like The Miz and all, but he needs to work on his mic-skills. It’s almost as if he doesn’t know when the show is on air… he’s ALWAYS milking for cheap heat. It gets annoying after a while.

7. I’m surprised the Santina/Santino/Beth angle is still going on. Kudos to WWE.

8. When Batista was “beating up” Rhodes in the closet, he should have torn out that nose ring. Every time I see it sparkle on camera, I want to punch that no knee-pad wearing tool in the face.

9. Whoever thinks Batista IS NOT on steroids, please leave a comment with your argument.

10. The ending to RAW was HORRIBLE. Why are we supposed to believe The Legacy will be a power-stable if Batista can beat them up by himself? Same thing with Shane… I hate WWE booking sometimes. Overall, this was a crappy RAW.

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