Bret Hart Interview: Why ROH And Not TNA?

The Miami Herald’s Scott Fishman talked with Bret Hart about his upcoming ROH appearance in their interview. The possibility of him appearing in TNA also came up. Here’s what the Hitman had to say:

”I am a fan of Ring of Honor in the sense that it has been a small-time promotion that has always been the one that stood out the most,” he said. “They were always doing their best to get somewhere and get the head out of the sun like WWE.

“With Ring of Honor, it’s basically me coming out and signing autographs and saying a few words to the crowd. With TNA, they would probably have me be involved in their storylines, and I don’t want to be as much a part of the storylines.

Bret says he’d love to help all of his old friends in TNA, he just has no interest in a recurring role on camera of any kind, which is the only way he can see himself contributing to the company.

He also says he has no real beef with Ric Flair, despite their jabs at each other over their books, so he doesn’t see working any problem working ROH shows over the same weekend. Oh, and he also has a couple of ideas for new books, including a story set in the wrestling business of his dad’s era. The bulk of the interview covers his book, his career, and his thoughts on his family, from Owen to Tyson Kidd and Natalya Neidhart, so give that a read if you haven’t had your fill of Bret’s thoughts on those subjects.

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