Randy Savage DVD News: Full Macho Madness Matches And Features List

PWI’s Mike Johnson provides the full match and feature listing for the long awaited DVD devoted to the career of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The match listing has been available for some time; it includes the matches you’d expect (his debut, his IC Title win, the ‘Mania matches with Steamboat, Dibiase, Hogan, Warrior, and Flair, his feud with Jake Roberts and Honky Tonk Man, and highlights from his ’92 title run and WCW), but this is the first time I’ve seen the special features. They include:

His wedding to Elizabeth at Summerslam ’91 (featuring the two creepiest wedding crashers in history, Undertaker and Jake Roberts) (Disc 1)
Elizabeth’s Debut (Disc 2)
His coronation as the Macho King (Disc 2)
17 promos, spanning from 1985 in the WWF to 1996 in WCW (Disc 3)

The DVD is due out on June 9th.

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