Kace In Point – 5/12/2009

Apparently, I’m not as much of a fan as I used to be. Either that or being able to watch Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson perform together has spoiled me a touch.

Last night, I tuned in to Raw and was treated to the Orton & Batista segment, which was highlighted nicely by an, “Epic Fail,” sign in the crowd. The segment was so compelling that I decided to turn the TV off and go to a friend’s house. Up until a minute ago when I checked here at the Pulse, I had no idea what I missed.

I guess I didn’t miss too much if the coverage is any indication.

Maybe the glory days are just gone for me. There was a time where I could explain certain storylines in my mind or character changes. It didn’t matter if it was Big Bubba Rogers showing up in the WWF as the Big Boss Man or Matt Borne showing up as Doink (which itself was explained pretty nicely in ECW when he became Borne Again).

I was able to rationalize why Jean-Pierre Lafitte would want to walk around with Bret Hart’s jacket. Or why people kept stealing Undertaker’s urn. I considered Glacier in WCW to be the start of a good story, especially when Mortis arrived as his counterpart. I was able to determine that the NWO didn’t mess with Glacier in the early days, because they were scared of him and Glacier wanted no part in playing hero.

Yes, I actually saw it that way. I’ll pause for laughter.

…And wait for you to regain composure.

…Wait a little more.

Here we go. Alright.

Nowadays, it’s kinda hard to rationalize an interest in WWE. About the only thing closely resembling an interesting storyline right now is Tommy Dreamer’s quest to win the ECW title before his contract’s up and even that’s been presented in a way that’s considerably underwhelming.

And I still haven’t watched TNA since Daivari (or whatever he calls himself now) had his, “raping America,” moment. I’ve caught an occasional one minute highlight on YouTube, but that’s pretty much it.

So now I find myself in a position of where I feel as if I’m about to delve into some sort of borderline elitism. Reason being I’m now finding myself going, “I’ll just stick to watching ROH.” I like keeping a good variety when it comes to Wrestling and maybe that’s the problem. There’s no variety anymore.

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