Banderas To Deliver A Big Bang.

Antonio Banderas is set to star in The Big Bang, a neo-noir detective story to be directed by Tony Krantz.

The production which will begin in Spokane, Washington in September m will be based on a script is written by Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers).

Banderas will play an L.A. private detective who’s hired to find a missing stripper. The trail leads to the New Mexico desert, where the private eye finds a trail of bodies and contends with a brutal Russian boxer, three LAPD detectives and an aging billionaire looking to perfect the nuclear physics equivalent of the Big Bang.

The film marks the first theatrical feature for Krantz, one of the few ex-agents to make that leap. Krantz, spent 15 years packaging series at CAA and later heading Imagine TV. Previously he directed two Jendresen-scripted films, Sublime and Otis, that were designed to go direct to video.

Krantz now owns Flame Ventures, whose slate includes a NASCAR Imax film in 3-D that Krantz will direct, and The Conversation, a series for AMC based on the Francis Ford Coppola film that is being written by Jendresen and Christopher McQuarrie.

Banderas most recently completed a starring role in Woody Allen’s as-yet-untitled next film.

source: Variety