10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! – 05.14.09

1) It’s amazing that I like Brutus Magnus now, because under his original gimmick I remarked that he was going nowhere. It’s amazing how “Cocky British Guy” is more believable than “Grown Man Who Dresses Up Like A Gladiator.”

2) PK will love reading this, but I found Kip James’s promo and match with Awesome Kong to be very entertaining tonight. Kong is really over right now.

3) After watching all four discs of Jeff Jarrett’s DVD, I didn’t need to see this much of him on TV.

4) Who are the heels and faces in the whole “who is Suicide” angle? And how does a guy who dresses up like a video game character get special powers?

5) Samoa Joe’s match with Eric Young tonight reminded me of how much I used to like Joe in the ring. Unfortunately, they’ve introduced a mystery character that’s giving Joe his orders for the “Nation of Violence,” which Joe had insisted was him and him alone. This just pushes Joe to the backburner, and that makes me sad all day.

6) I love that Doug Williams is on TV now, but I’d really like him to use the Chaos Theory. The Bomb Scare is pretty good though.

7) Kevin Nash is cool.

8) I desperately want to pay money to see Jenna Morasca versus Sharmell. No really TNA, just try and stop me from pulling out my wallet and just emptying its contents straight into your hands.

9) I like Trevor Murdoch and all, but I can’t imagine what, if anything, he’ll amount to in TNA.

10) Mick Foley is appearing in Kalkaska, Michigan this Saturday night. Be there!

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