10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars – 05.21.09

After two weeks of nothing…I’m back with some thoughts on WWE Superstars.

1. While Vince might believe that ECW isn’t important, at least Tony Chimmel is man enough to do the super-special ring announcing for this match.

2. That slap was heard in the cheap seats, that’s for sure.

3. And Swagger costs Dreamer another chance at the ECW Title.  Three way dance at Extreme Rules?

4. Chris Jericho’s promo delivered in more ways than anyone would give him credit for.  Greatness, Personified.

5. I guess that Superstars will feature 3 matches weekly – one from each brand.  Not what I was hoping, but I’ll live with it.

6. Kofi Kingston will be big late this year or 2010, I guarantee you.

7. Oh God, I was hoping I wouldn’t see anything on the Denver Debacle on tonight’s show.  Guess I was wrong, but I’m only devoting one thought about that and all I gotta say…I’m mildly interested in RAW this upcoming Monday.

8. Forget RVD and his educated feet, CM Punk’s feet both have doctorate degrees.  Wow.

9. Punk & Jericho can wrestle every week and I wouldn’t complain.

10. Another awesome show this week.  Now if I can forget about Mick Foley wrestling a piece of cardboard… 

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