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UFC 98 is finally upon us.

Rashad Evans will make his first title defense as the light heavyweight champion when he steps into the octagon to face Lyoto Machida. Can anyone remember the last time we had two undefeated fighters in a title fight?

In the co-main event, the two ‘Matts’ will finally settle their grudge match. While Hughes vs. Serra was supposed to happen last year, better late then never right.

Check back to Inside Fights forall your UFC 98 coverage. We will provide official results for the undercard fights. For the Main Card, we will provide full round by round results along with the official results.

Enjoy fight fans.

UFC 98 Main Card Live Coverage

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida

Round 1: The arena is electric as the first round begins. Machida is in south paw and takes the center of the octagon. Neither fighter is really engaging, simply getting a feel. The fans begin to boo a little at the four minute mark. The fighters continue to get a feel for one another. Rashad dances, while Machida is fairly still. Machida hits Evans with a head kick. Evans chases Machida, but nothing lands. Machida lands a body shot, breaking the inactivity. The fighters clinch briefly as they begin to increase the action. Machida knocks down Evans with a kick and pounces on him. Rashad stands up and survives what could have been a troubling moment for him. Machida continues with the high kicks. Machida easily takes the first round with his kicks, one of which dropped Evans to the mat.

Round 2: Machida takes the center again. The fans start to yell out “MACHIDA”. Machida looks for the takedown, but Evans is saved by the cage. Machida lands a flurry, countered by Evans. Some serious punches being thrown. Machida throws another kick, Evans getting used to it. Machida looks for another kick but it does not land. Evans sends a kick Machida’s way. Evans keeps up nhis head movement, but Machida lands one that sends him to the mat. Evans is getting destroyed by Machida. Trying to regain his composure. Knocked Out! Evans is knocked out cold! Rogan stats correctly,” Welcome to the Machida era.” Machida finishes in dominant fashion, becoming the new light heavyweight champion of the world!


Final Result:

Machida defeats Evans via Knockout in Round 2.

Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra (Welterweight)

Round 1: Hughes is in south paw stance. Serra lands a hard right on Hughes sending hughes to the mat. Hughes is hurt! Serra continues to hurt Hughes by landing punches to his head. Hughes finally seems to recover from an alledged head butt and several punches from Serra. Hughes has Serra up against the cage, sending in knees and , more importantly, controlling the fight. The two fighters are back in the middle, each looking for an opportunity. Serra smiles at Hughes showing he means business. The fighters clinch and Hughes gets a takedown, sending himself into side control. Hughes takes Serra’s back and looks for a rear naked choke. Serra is taking punches to the head and torso, but avoided the choke. Serra escapes and the fighters stand. Hughes and Serra continue to throw. Round ends with Serra throwing a right over the head of Hughes. Intense and very close first round.

Round 2: The fighters continue to throw, neither landing manhy successful punches. Huhges lands a body kick and moments later gets double under hooks, taking Serra to the ground. Serra is in half guard as Huhges continues to work to gain better position. Hughes lands some body shots. Serra takes some shots to the head, as well. Hughes continues to work for side control, but Serra is controlling Hughes’ right leg. Serra has a look of boredom on his face as Hughes continues to work on the ground. The body shots  on Serra continue, as Serra rolls to his side. Serra wipes his brow and looks up at the clock. Hughes continues in half guard and puts his hands over the face of Serra. Mazzagatti stands the fighters up and Serra looks either pumped up, or pretty frustrating. No matter what Serra thinks about the fight, he clearly lost the second round to the ground skills of Matt Hughes.

Round 3: Hughes pushes Serra to the cage. Serra tries to escape, but Hughes takes Serra down. Serra is in a position for an omoplata. Hughes is looking to pull his arm free, while he sends shots into Serra’s body. Hughes is free. Serra once again works for a shoulder lock, but breaks free again. Serra attempts a triangle, but that also failed. Hughes is back on top. A lot of inactivity at this point and Mazzagatti stands them up. Serra lands a solid right, and is looking for a knockout. Serra points to his chin, taunting Hughes. The fighters clinch and Hughes gets taken down. Hughes throws some shots from the bottom, as  Serra does the same from the top. The fight ends with Serra on top, looking for a kimura, but running out of time. The fight will go to the judges’ scorecards to select a winner. Both fighters hug after the fight in an incredible show of respect.

Final Result

Hughes defeats Serra via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Xavier Foupas-Pokam vs. Drew McFedries (Middleweight)

Round 1: Foupa-Pokam and McFedries begin by trying to feel it out, but only for a moment. McFedries nails  Foupa-Pokam with a hard right, sending him to the mats. McFedries continues to destroy Foupa-Pokam. Foupa-Pokam stands up and is immediately sent back down with another heavy right. Pounding on Foupa-Pokam, McFedries is pulled off by Yves Lavigne at 2:23. Foupa-Pokam protested the decision by Lavigne, but the call was the right one, seeing that the domination shown by McFedries was not going to stop.

Final Result:

McFedries defeats Foupa-Pokam via TKO.

Chael Sonnen vs. Dan Miller (Middleweight)

Round 1: Sonnen looked for the takedown and Miller immediately went for a guillotine. Sonnen escaped and immediately took top position in Miller’s guard. Sonnen stood up and threw down a huge punch. Sonnen continues to try to work in the guard of Miller landing an elbow, then working on some body shots. Sonnen continues his attempt at ground and pound, while Miller works for a knee bar. Sonnen takes Miller’s backs, then gains side control. Brutal elbows reigned down on Millers face. Miller pulls into half guard, continuing to take blows from Sonnen.Miller gains full guard and his guard is very high. SOnnen continues his ground and pound on Miller, who continues to go for Sonnen’s legs. Miller pulls Sonnen down. Sonnen postures up and continues to throw until the end of Round 1. Sonnen may have been in a bad position for the first few seconds. However, he clearly won the remaining four minutes.

Round 2: Sonnen attempts a takedown but fails. Sonnen puts Miller in a clinch and slams him hard to the mat. However, Sonnen falls into a guillotine, which immediately fails. Sonnen once again finds himself in Miller’s guard, attempting more punishment on Miller. Sonnen throws several brutal punches and elbows that Miller seems defenseless to. Miller continues with a high guard, as Sonnen continues his attack relentlessly. From the bottom position, Miller works for an armbar, which also fails. Miller seems to be simply too tired to submit the dominant Sonnen. Sonnen continues to work his way on the ground with continuous ground and pound. Sonnen props up and throws down some heavy punches into the undefended face of Miller.

Round 3: The third and final round begins with Miller landing a solid combination. Sonnen looked for a takedown and effortlessly achieved it. Once again, the exhausted Miller found himself on his back, taking body shots from the bottom. Miller continues to look for a submission, while taking shot after shot to his body and face. However, Sonnen seems content with remaining in Miller’s guard. Miller is pushed up against the fence and Sonnen attempts to pass. Sonnen stands up and slams a left down toward Miller. In Miller’s half guard, Sonnen works his non-stop ground and pound, but is moved back to Miller’s full guard. Chael Sonnen remains in Miller’s guard for the majority of the last minute, while he beats down on Miller for the remaining seconds. Sonnen clearly won this final round, along with the first two.

Final Result:

Sonnen defeats Miller via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27,30-27)

Sean Sherk vs. Frank Edgar (Lightweight)

Round 1: The fighters tap and Edgar immediately goes for a head kick, which is checked. The fighters continue to feel out each other and attempt to become comfortable with no one landing a severe shot yet.  At 4:06 Edgar went for a clinch, which was soon ended by Sherk.  The fighters continue to throw, neither having much success in landing their shots. Nearing the three minute mark, Edgar landed a successful combo, followed by another merely ten seconds later. At 2:23 Edgar went for a takedown, which was stopped by Sherk. The fighters separate and continue to attempt to land combos.  Edgar caught a leg kick and took down Sherk, gaining top position. Edgar worked on a guillotine, controlling Sherk. Sherk shook it off  and the fighters stood up. The first round ended with several punches being thrown by each fighter, but Edgar landing the final combo. It was clear that Edgar won that round, landing several combos and the lone takedown.

Round 2: The fighters continue to try to feel each other out, while Edgar displayed great movement around the octagon. Sherk landed a left hand and clearly gained some confidence. Edgar had a solid kick to the body. Frankie then gave Sherk a knee to the body, sending him to the mat. However, Sherk was quick to jump up. Edgar continued to move around the ring easily avoiding Sherk. The fighters continued to throw, neither landing punches, until Edgar lead with a kick, then a combo shortly after. Frank’s movement did not allow Sherk to do much. Sherk still had not gone for a takedown. Edgar landed a combo at 108 and another straight left moments later. Edgar continued to throw, but Sherk did as well. Fight was stopped momentarily for an inadvertent shot to Sherk. Head kick by Edgar and a let by Sherk end the round. This round was a lot closer, but Edgar may have taken the second round as well as the first.

Round 3: Edgar continues to avoid Sherk, until Sherk finally went for a takedown, which was successful. Edgar immediately stood up. Rogan announced the cut over Sherk’s eye, which seemed to be under control. The fighters seem to be a little tired, but continue to keep up a frantic pace. Sherk continues to throw, while Edgar has taken more of an avoidance role. Edgar took a knee from the clinch, but quickly broke away. Sherk went for another takedown and Edgar completely stopped it, following it by a powerful kick.  Moments later he put together a nice combination as well. Sherk continued to throw, while Edgar faked a couple takedowns. Edgar put together a nice combination and continued to land shots on Sherk. Sherk lands a few of his own, but it seems all of them are countered by Edgar. Sherk went for a takedown, Edgar stopped it, and went for a choke. It was extremely deep, but Sherk was saved by the bell. It seemed that Edgar took this round as well.

Final Result:

Edgar defeats Sherk via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC 98 Under Card

Brock Larson defeats Mike Pyle via arm triangle choke in Round 1
Tim Hague defeats Pat Barry via guillotine choke in Round 1
Kyle Bradley defeats Phillipe Nover via TKO in Round 1
Krzysztof Soszynski defeats Andre Gusmao via TKO in Round 1
Yoshiyuki Yoshida defeats Brandon Wolff via guillotine choke in Round 1
George Roop defeats Dave Kaplan via split decision

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