Pulse Wrestling’s ROH on HDnet Report – 05.23.09

Sorry that I missed last week, but here I am with a brand new RoH on HDNet report. This one is a special presentation…oh wait, they all are. Read on to find out just how special tonight’s show is…

The show kicks off with the American Wolves and a table in the center of the ring. Davey Richards gets on the mic and talks down to the tag champs hyping their upcoming Tables match. This brings out the champs who run off the Wolves, but Shane Hagadorn is left behind. Guess what happens to him. If you guessed he joined with the tag champs to become Steeneridorn, you guessed awesome, but wrong. Shane goes through a table. Storylines are slowly starting to build on RoH on HDNet and as a result the show becomes more entertaining.

We get a hype graphic for a four way title match between champion Jerry Lynn, Tyler Black, “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, and A-Double Austin Aries. This is followed with Jerry Lynn talking about his opponents in two weeks.

Three way match: Kenny Omega vs. Kenny King vs. Jay Briscoe

They start with an argument of handshaking a sportsmanship before going into some wild action with dives in the first minute. Who says RoH wrestlers take unnecessary risks…oh uh, bad example. This is a standard one guy out, two guys in three way dance, which isn’t a bad thing. WWE has been making money off of this formula for years. In fact one of the best matches of the decade was such a match involving Shawn Michaels, Triple H and No one else. Jay Briscoe gets busted open and they start busting out crazy moves to score the win. Kenny Omega shocks the world by scoring a surprise rollup on Kenny King for the win. King’s cockiness was his downfall. This was a fun triple threat and the best of its kind on RoH on HDNet. The guy who needed the win most got the win, so yay.

Winner: Kenny Omega via pinfall

The Main Event tonight is Jimmy Jacobs and Brodie Lee vs Delirious and The Necro Butcher.

Dark City Fight Club vs. Irish Airborne of Jake and Dave Crist

It is no secret that I strongly dislike the DCFC. I am not huge on the Irish Airborne either, but I will be pulling for them by default. Some early hope for the Irish lads settles into squash city.

Winners: The Dark City Fight Club via pinfall

Tyler Durden is in the back for an interview with Necro Butcher and Delirious. It is existential.

After a break we get Jimmy Jacobs cutting a promo on Delirious and the Necro Butcher.

Bryan Danielson then gets a chance to talk about his chances in the four way world title match two weeks away. Hype for upcoming matches is always good.

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero

This was one of the hottest feuds on the indies for a number of years. It is kind of just a throw away match on HDNet, but who cares it should be pretty awesome. These guys know how to sell a match, and you can tell right from the get go that these two aren’t in for a solid athletic competition. This is a good old fashioned fight. These guys have awesome chemistry and it comes through here. After a crazy intense brawl where both men absolutely go off on one another Kingston eventually gets overzealous and hits Todd Sinclair immediately making him a top babyface, but also drawing the disqualification. This match was a lot of fun.

Winner: Chris Hero via disqualification

We take a look back Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brent Albright and the shenanigans that led to Alrbight’s loss. Kyle Durden is in the back with Albright who talks about “Classic” Colt Cabana having his back. Cabana comes out and agrees. I like that there are now several stories going on on the TV show.

Main Event: The Age of the Fall of Jimmy Jacobs and Brodie Lee vs. The Necro Butcher and Delirious

Jimmy Jacobs is one of the best tag team wrestlers in the world today, and all these guys have a history. It should be good. We actually get a split screen to start the match because the four men cannot be contained. This match is pretty crazy, one of the wilder brawls on RoH on HDNet to date. Necro Butcher gets taken out via a double suplex to the floor, and Brodie Lee and Jacobs have their way with Delirious. They take too long to put away the masked man, and Necro is able to recover. Jacobs tries to take out Necro with thumbtacks, but it backfires and Brodie Lee eats a facefull allowing Delirious to hit Shadows over Hell for the win. This was fun and unique to what had been on RoH on HDNet.

Winners: Necro Butcher and Delirious via pinfall.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy Final Thoughts: This show was pretty unique in the grand scheme of things. A triple threat match, a hate filled brawl, and a hate filled tag team main event with thumbtacks set this episode apart from previous ones. Also there was more hype this week for the future than in any other show. Each week, RoH is moving in the right direction with their TV show. Now all they need is viewers. That is where you come in.

I’ll see you next time…

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