Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Sacrifice Report

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Sacrifice Report
Live from Orlando
Announcers: Don West & Mike Tenay
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Kiyoshi vs. Amazing Red – Pre-Show Match
Red starts out very fast, quickly putting Kiyoshi out on the floor, and then hitting a corkscrew plancha. Kiyoshi then gains control and slows the match down. Kiyoshi hits a chop to the head off the top rope for 2. Kiyoshi hits a Torture Rack slam for 2. Kiyoshi is getting frustrated, and he goes to the top for a moonsault, but misses! Red goes to the 2nd rope, and leaps off, then hits a DDT! Red follows it up with a standing SSP for the win.
Winner – Amazing Red

The PPV starts with shots of the 4 in the main event arriving, all separately.

Motor City Machineguns & Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Eric Young & Lethal Consequences
Oh boy, Lethal now has short orange tights with 3 stars on both the front. Lethal & Sabin start, and we get some fast action, and it quickly goes to EY and Shelley. EY has control, and Creed comes in, and hits a jawbreaker and Shelley, then a dropkick to Shelley’s knee, and then an elbow to Shelley’s kidneys. Shelley is able to get over and tag in Bashir, who takes command of the match. Bashir tabs in Sabin, who tosses Creed into the corner, but Creed dodges a charging Sabin, and tags in Lethal. Lethal/Creed hits some double team work on Sabin. Bashir pulls Creed to the floor, and Shelley runs off the apron with a knee to Creed’s face! They toss Creed back in, and Sabin is able to take control for his team. This match then explodes into the great fastpaced X-Div action we would love to see every night. Creed takes Bashir off the turnbuckle in a bulldog over Lethal’s knee, and Lethal then quickly hits the Lethal Combination! EY hits a DVD on both Guns at the same time! Bashir fights back and this Lethal with the WMD Driver (a pile driver with Lethal across Bashir’s back instead of front). Creed with a sunset flip on Bashir, but Bashir grabs the ropes to hold himself up. The ref kicks Bashir’s arms out, and Creed rolls up Bashir to win.
Winners – Young & Lethal Consequences

Creed & Lethal celebrate, however it seems as EY is a bit upset on how the finish is a bit tainted.

They run down the rest of the card.

Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney (w/ Dr. Stevie & Abyss) – Monster’s Ball
Does anyone else remember when they first introduced Monster’s Ball, when they locked the competitors in a dark room all day before the match? I mean, I know it was rigged like that, but it was an odd twist. Taylor starts out quick, and goes to the floor to toss a can of weapons in the ring, which Daffney then uses to hit Taylor. Daffney then body slams Taylor on a trash can lid. Taylor fights back, and this Daffney with a DVD on a trash can for the pin.
Winner – Daffney

Daffney jumps Taylor after the match, and Dr. Stevie lays out tacks. Stevie wants Abyss to choke slam Taylor on the tacks, but Lauren comes out. Stevie then attacks Abyss with his belt, and shoves Lauren away, and threatens her with the belt. Abyss snaps and choke slams Stevie on the tacks!

JB with Jarrett. He says that he had to make the sacrifice to get into the match, and he needs to make sure Foley does not leave with TNA Championship.

They recap the Daniels/Suicide speculation.

Suicide (c) vs. Daniels – X Division Championship
Don West is all over Daniels, believing that the Guns are correct and Suicide was Daniels. West says that he has his questions about Curry Man as well. Very funny. Don West points out that Suicide is someone that Daniels paid off to stay under the hood, and, for the most part, the match is pretty slow and plays to that theory. Daniels is out on the floor and Sabin comes down the ramp. The ref comes down and keeps Sabin away from the ring, but Shelley comes through the crowd and hits Suicide with a Codebreaker in the ring. Sabin walks away, and Daniels & the ref gets back in the ring, and Daniels rolls up Suicide for the win.
Winner and New Champion – Daniels

They recap the match, and I guess it’s on the giant video screen, because Daniels says that he doesn’t want to win the belt that way, and then offers up a 5 minute overtime.

Tenay states that if there is no winner at the end of 5 minutes, the title stays with Suicide. Suicide goes for the Wrist Cutter, but Daniels reverses it and goes for the BME, however Suicide is up and he turns the BME into a Diamond Cutter. Suicide then drop kicks Daniels into the corner, and then goes for a Monkey Flip, but the time has expired.

Don West is now assuming that the guy playing Suicide has double crossed Daniels.

They show Kurt Angle getting warmed up for the main event.

Recap of Awesome Kong going through the Beautiful People.

Angelina Love (c) vs. Awesome Kong (w/ Raisha Saeed) – TNA Knockouts Championship
As you can imagine, Kong dominates the match. Love tries to walk away, but Saeed is standing on the ramp, and stops Love from leaving. Kong lays Love out in the ring, and then Kong goes up the turnbuckle for a splash, but misses! Love gets a bottle of hairspray. Saeed tries to stop her, but Kong accidentally knocks Saeed off the apron, which gives Love the opportunity to use the hairspray and roll up Kong for the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – Angelina Love

JB with Sting. Sting made this stipulation for himself because he isn’t done, and doesn’t want to retire.

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe
Guess what…this match was slow & boring…surprised? Joe wins with a Choke Clutch.
Winner – Joe

Joe continues to maul Nash after the bell, but security finally pulls him away.

Recap of the Team 3D Invitational Tournament.

Beer Money, Inc vs. British Invasion – Team 3D Tournament Finals
Team 3D is sitting at the table doing commentary. The Brits come to the ring with LAX’s Feast or Fired cases. Beer Money controls the early going. Storm charges Magnus, but Magnus ducks and Storm goes over the top, but skins the cat, and getting a swig of beer that he spits in Magnus’s face. Storm goes to the top, but Williams pulls him down, and he attacks Storm on the floor. This allows the Brits to take over. Roode gets a hot tag, but he turns his attention to Rob Terry, and Williams lifts him in a fireman’s carry and turns it into a European Uppercut. Brits go for their double team move, but Storm makes the save. Rob Terry pulls the ref out of the ring, and then he gets kicked from ringside. Roode has one of the Feast or Fired cases, and he is in a stare down with Williams. Storm hits Williams with a Last Call Superkick in the back of the head, and he falls toward Roode, who then hits him with the case for the pin.
Winners – Beer Money, Inc

JB with Angle. He says that he will not be losing his role as the Godfather in the MEM.

Recap of Styles/Booker feud.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Booker T – TNA Legends Championship – I Quit Match
AJ uses his quickness to gain the advantage early in the match. He then tries to tie up Booker, trying to get him to submit, but Booker fights out. AJ goes for his springboard shoulder, but Booker shoves him off the apron, and he hits his throat across the guardrail. Booker begins to dominate. Booker locks on a top wrist lock, but AJ tries to lift him out of it, however Booker holds on, but they are both on the mat, and AJ is able to turn it around into a hammer lock. Booker gets out of it, and they are both up, and they go toe to toe with each other. Booker misses a huge haymaker, and AJ hits the Pele. AJ tries to pummel him, but Booker will not quit. AJ tosses him to the floor, and AJ follows it with a slingshot plancha. Both men slow to get up, and Booker hits AJ with a thmb to the eye, and goes to follow it up with a chop, but AJ dodges it, and he hits the ringpost. Sharmell comes to ringside. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Booker gets out of it, hits the ropes, and AJ turns it into a Flying Armbar! Survivor Jenna comes out and tosses a towel in the ring, quitting for Booker.
Winner – AJ Styles

Jenna & Sharmell scream at each other, and Jenna says that she was only trying to help.

Recap of the lead up to the Main Event.

Mick Foley (c) vs. Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle – TNA Championship – Ultimate Sacrifice Match
Foley/Sting & Angle/JJ pair up. Foley goes for a double arm DDT, but Sting dropped him, and goes for the Death Lock, but Foley rolls out. They fight up through the crowd. In the ring, JJ locks in the Figure 4. Sting and Foley are back at ringside, and Foley hits a pile driver on the ramp, and then he goes to the announce table and sits down and does commentary for a while. JJ & Angle are brawling in the ring, and Sting finally enters the ring. Angle sees Foley at the table, and somersaults over the table on Foley! Angle then hits the Olympic Slam on Foley on the floor. Angle rolls Foley in the ring, and JJ nails Foley with a Stroke. Angle then hits JJ with an Olympic Slam, and then Sting grabs Angle and locks in the Death Lock. Angle gets out, but shoves Sting into the ref. Foley puts 2 socks on, and has a double mandible claw on JJ & Sting. JJ then hits Sting with the guitar but the ref is out. JJ goes to get the ref, and Foley hits him with a chair, but the ref is still out. Angle comes from the top rope, and hits a splash on JJ! Angle locks the Ankle Lock on both JJ & Sting at the same time!! Foley breaks it up, and he and Sting fall to the floor. JJ sets up a chair, and he goes to the 2nd rope with Angle, and hits a Stroke on the chair! Sting this Foley with a Death Drop on the floor, slides in and pins Angle.
Winner – Sting

Sting is now the leader of the MEM, no title changes hands.

Show over.

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