WWE DotCom Delivery – Week of 05/24/09

Apologies for being late but my computer decided to take a sick leave over the weekend. Since I’m already later, lets get straight to the Delivery.

On Word Up, the word of the week is CLOWNIN’ – to make fun of or to shame some fool. Shad thinks JTG is trying to clown him rather than help him score with Eve. Shad shows the videos that JTG made for him on his quest to get Eve, and I think Shad has a point there.

Santino’s Casa has a new opening and set, to go along with Santino’s recent face turn, and because of the fire he set to his old Casa last week. Speaking of that fire, Santino is under investigation for insurance fraud, but I think he told the truth when he told the insurance company he lost 10 of his WWE titles in the fire. And an Academy Award. He earned all of those fare and square.

With no Dirt Sheet we head straight to the Weekly Top Five. They are Christian vs. Paul Burchill from ECW, the six man tag match from Smackdown, Cheis Jericho vs. CM Punk from Superstars, Jeff Hardy vs. Edge from Smackdown and Legacy vs. Cena/Batista from Raw.

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