10 Thoughts on RAW – 05.25.09

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Enos, Rick Martel and fantasy booking! 10 THOUGHTS ON RAW!

1. I was over the WWE/Denver Nuggets drama last Wednesday, and I’m sure the WWE Universe was too. Good for WWE, they were able to come up with new material for the opening segment and kept it short. I had a good chuckle here and there, but nothing compared to the pop from me when The Miz interrupted Vince McMahon.

2. My pop for The Miz was short lived when I figured out it was just an excuse to get pre-main-event cluster****.

3. Maryse totally pulled a Rick Martel last week when she sprayed her hair spray in Mickie James’ face. She should come out with a hair spray of her own called “Dirty Hot”.

4. OH MY GOD! Goldust still has his Tourette syndrome! This can only lead to comedy gold.

5. If I were writing Hardy’s angle, his losses would be erased week after week until SummerSlam where he would eventually win the belt and help Edge retain the title in the main-event. After SummerSlam, if Hardy were to ever lose the title in a defense Vickie could return the favor and reverse the decision. It would get instant heat from the fans.

6. Kennedy is back! Who cares? He will be injured by the end of the night… bank on it.

7. One thing WWE is doing right is The Brian Kendrick’s story line. One could hope this’ll lead to Kendrick trying to train Festus backstage to no avail every Monday night. Another thing that’d be cool is if they eventually team him with Shawn Michaels.

8. The Miz’s backstage segment with Big Show was very good. If they’re setting up a mini Miz/Show feud, they are approaching it the right way. It takes good writing to make a heel vs. heel feud work.

9. The main-event was good despite the corny entrances. Everyone was used perfectly and everyone looked equal. The double-suplex on Big Show at the end was amazing.

10. During the victory celebration for the faces, Kennedy was clutching his hand. Uh oh!

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