WWE Smackdown Spoilers

Tapings results for this Friday’s episode…

– Mickey Rourke is at ringside for the show. Hopefully he has upgraded his bodyguard from Frank Shamrock to The Christian Bale.

– Rey Mysterio starts things off with a promo about Extreme Rules. Chris Jericho interrupts and mocks Mysterio and Rourke. He promises to take Mysterio’s mask off. Mysterio fights back and goes for a 619 but Jericho bails.

– R-Truth & Great Gary beat Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox when Gary pins Knox with a powerbomb. Gary and Truth dance together in the ring afterwards, which is a wonderful concept that the world requires more of on a daily basis.

– Melina beats Alicia Fox.

– John Morrison cuts a backstage promo but Shelton Benjamin interrupts.

– Jeff Hardy comes out (no, not like that) to cut a promo about Ladder Matches and Extreme Rules and winning the title. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Matt Hardy blogged.

– John Morrison beats Umaga by DQ after getting hit by the Samoan Strap. Umaga had Morrison tied to the corner but CM Punk made the save and hit Umaga with the briefcase.

– Punk keeps the trend going by cutting a promo about Extreme Rules.

– Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas beat Cryme Tyme.

– Eve beats Layla.

– Edge and Chris Jericho talk backstage about the main event. Jericho implies that he will not tag in Edge during the match.

– Jericho didn’t come out for the match. He was actually disguised as a fan and hit the ring to try and take off Mysterio’s mask. Jeff Hardy made the save but Mysterio was too hurt to compete. Hardy said he would take both Jericho and Edge on in a Handicap Match.

– Edge & Chris Jericho beat Jeff Hardy when Edge speared Hardy for the pin. Edge put a ladder over Hardy afterwards and climbed up it to pose.

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