Yet More F’n TNA Impact Tapings Results

For the tasteless idiot in all of us…

– Elijah Burke beat Shawn Spears with the Elijah Experience. Burke got a good reaction from the crowd because WWE guys are super-special and have The Touch.

– Samoa Joe beat Scott Steiner & Booker T in a Nation of Violence First Blood Match. They brawled all through the crowd. Joe first made Steiner bleed by putting a trash can on him and whacking it with a kendo stick. Booker then came in for his fight but soon bled and lost.

– Tara (formerly known as Victoria) beat Madison Rayne with the Widow’s Peak.

– Raisha Saeed beat Sojo Bolt.

– Mick Foley and Earl Hebner, Sally Boy, Rocco and a clown came down to the ring. The place was decorated with streamers, balloons and a ‘Welcome Back Jeffrey’ banner. Foley announces that he has found his smile. He introduces Webbo the low-rent clown. He welcomes back Hebner and thanks him for dropping his outstanding lawsuit against TNA. He brings out AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle for a celebration to welcome back Jeff Jarrett. This brings out Mr Guitar, who thinks Foley has lost his mind. Foley says the magic word – Jeffrey – and confetti cannons fire over the ring. Foley says he will team with Jarrett in the main event tonight against Angle & Sting and Joe & Styles. Joe punches Angle.

– Raven beat Jethro Holiday in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. Daffney came out afterwards to help put Holiday in a straightjacket but Abyss made the save.

– Matt Morgan called out Sting to address him wanting to join the Main Event Mafia. Morgan wanted to prove himself by getting a title shot but Sting said that if Morgan can beat him at Slammiversary he can take his spot in the Mafia. Morgan tried to attack him but Sting moved and he fell on his arse.

– Taylor Wilde & Awesome Kong beat Daffney & Angelina Love when Kong pinned Daffney. The heels beat on Kong and Wilde afterwards. Tara made the save and had a staredown with Love as Saeed pulled Kong away.

– Team 3D & Beer Money beat Lethal Consequences & Motor City Machine Guns when Shelley was attacked by Suicide and took a 3D.

– Samoa Joe & A.J. Styles beat Kurt Angle & Sting and Mick Foley & Jeff Jarrett when Joe hit a muscle buster on Angle. Styles was never tagged into the match. Foley kept leaving ringside to go and do commentary, missing Jarrett’s tags, until Jarrett attacked him at the announce booth.

– ODB beat Velvet Sky.

– Rhino & Jesse Neal beat British Invasion when Rhino pinned Brutus Magnus.

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