10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! – 05.28.09

1) I actually really liked Sting’s promo this week. I normally don’t like Sting, but the promo was so different than what he usually does it was a nice change of pace. Getting rid of the women and the stupid security makes sense both from a kayfabe and non-kayfabe point of view, so good start this week.
2) I went five-for-eight in my pay-per-view predictions, missing Beer Money, Inc., Taylor Wilde, and Sting.
3) Why on Earth would anyone think putting Raven back on TV is a good idea? The guy is beyond washed up, and who’s really been waiting 10 years for him to reunite with Stevie Richards? And didn’t Raven fight Abyss like a billion times back in the day?
4) Victoria works for TNA now. Who doesn’t work there?
5) I heard there are going to be seven men in the King of the Mountain match this year. So far we’ve got Mick Foley, AJ Styles, and Jeff Jarrett. Next week Samoa Joe takes on Kevin Nash for another spot. My money’s on Joe.
6) I like Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams a lot.
7) But why in the hell would someone just randomly challenge someone to a ladder match, which used to be regarded as one of the more dangerous matches in wrestling?
8) The TNA World, Tag Team, and Women’s Title matches seem pretty set, but who will take on Suicide? No one in the X-Division even seems like a credible challenger. Maybe they’ll do some kind of multi-man thing with Suicide, Daniels, the Machineguns, and Lethal Consequences.
9) Never mind, I just remembered that Daniels will be wrestling Shane Douglas? Wait, what?
10) TNA is coming up on seven years. That’s quite the achievement.

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