Kimbo Slice on The Ultimate Fighter

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From the “I can’t believe this is happening” department: Kimbo Slice will be a cast member on the new season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Kevin Iole has more on the story at Yahoo. This was one scoop that Zuffa tried their damndest to keep secret until the media day tomorrow, when Slice is scheduled to be revealed as part of the cast. Rumors have also pegged Bobby Lashley as joining the Ultimate Fighter cast, but I don’t believe there’s anything to it.

Kudos have to go out to Dana White for getting this deal done, and to Kimbo Slice for actually taking a legitimate step towards attaining a real mixed martial arts career. I don’t care what it costs to have Kimbo on the show, because the very idea of having Kimbo on Team Rampage is enough to make me salivate for season ten of The Ultimate Fighter.

Does anyone care about Team USA vs. Team UK at this point?