ECW Real-Time Coverage for 6/02/2009

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Welcome to the EC-Dub!


Extreme Rules is coming up on Sunday and I wish we were seeing more than one match featuring the ECW roster.  You would think this would be the one PPV where you could stick one more match on the card.  Especially with the Hart Dynasty on fire right now.  Well, on to the show!


Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are your hosts.


We get right to it as Evan Bourne’s music hits and he heads to the ring.  And then comes Mark Henry looking to avenge his loss last week to Bourne.


Evan Bourne vs. Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas)

The bell rings and Henry throws Bourne to the corner.  Bourne ties himself up in the ropes and gets a clean break.  Bourne with some kicks but gets an elbow for his trouble.  Bourne off the ropes and evades some clotheslines.  He gets a sleeper on Henry.  It doesn’t last long and Henry clotheslines Bourne down as he goes off the ropes.  Henry sits on him, then throws him headfirst into the second turnbuckle.  Henry goes to the outside and bends Bourne across the steel ringpost.  Henry back in and gets a modified camel clutch on Bourne.  Bourne tries to get up but gets a headbutt to the back.  Cover for two as Bourne gets his foot on the rope.  Henry stands on him.  He drags Bourne to the center of the ring and drops a knee on him.  Off the ropes and misses a big splash.  Bourne up and kicks Henry in the chest as he kneels there.  Dropkick from Bourne.  Cover for two.  Bourne off the second rope but gets caught by Henry.  Fallaway slam!  Bourne rolls to the outside.  The ref stops Henry from following him outside.  Bourne goes up to the top rope and Tony Atlas tries to pull him off.  The ref turns around and immediately DQs Mark Henry.


Winner by DQ: Evan Bourne


Postmatch, Henry goes after Bourne and he pulls the rope down so Henry goes over the top to the outside.  Henry then yells at Atlas and tells him he didn’t need his help.  Atlas says he is sorry he was just trying to help.  Henry asks him why he thought he needed help.


Recap of last week’s three on two match.




We’re back and Zack Ryder is headed to the ring.  Woo woo.  In the ring is Dustin Carwile.


Ryder pretaped an interview where he says he is more than the woo woo woo guy and he’s here to make an impact.


Zack Ryder vs. Dustin Carwile

Shoulder block from Ryder and some kicks to the head.  Striker makes fun of his wardrobe.  Big elbow from Ryder in the corner.  Slaps.  To the ropes and Carwile gets the sunset flip for two.  Ryder with a kick to the head.  More kicks.  Chinlock.  Matthews says that Ryder feels rejuvenated due to his haircut.  Ha.  Irish whip to the corner. Ryder goes to the top rope, fixes his hair, and hits a missile dropkick.  He then hits his finisher, a neckbreaker onto his knee.


Winner: Zack Ryder.  WooWooWoo


Gregory Helms is in the back with Finlay who has a nasty black eye.  Finlay wrestled against docs orders on Superstars last week.  He says Swagger needs to know the saying, “A tooth for a tooth, and eye for an eye”.


Tommy Dreamer’s music comes on and he is headed down the ramp.  This could be his last time on ECW and it’s next.


Commercial break.


We’re back and Dreamer awaits his opponent.  Paul Burchill heads down with Katie Lea.  She takes the mic and says it is Dreamer’s privilege to face her brother on his last night on ECW.  He has no chance on Sunday.


Tommy Dreamer vs. Paul Burchill

Dreamer gets a side headlock and is sent to the ropes.  Shoulderblock from Dreamer.  Back to the headlock and Burchill powers him to the corner.  He gets some knees and elbows but is reverse irish whipped to the opposite corner.  He comes off and gets armdragged to the mat a few times.  Armlock and Burchill gets to the ropes.  He pulls Dreamer neckfirst onto the second rope.  Headlock from Burchill.  Dreamer gets a sunset flip for two.  Both men up and Burchill chops him down.  Kicks and knees on the mat.  Burchill with a chinlock and leg scissors.  Dreamer up and tries to punch his way out but gets thrown back down to the mat.  Slaps to the head.  Dreamer with a chop.  Burchill irish whips him to the corner and his the clothesline.  He stomps on Dreamer in the corner.  Burchill gets another chinlock on him.  Dreamer fighting out again and hits the Russian leg sweep.  Both men get to their feet and Dreamer sends him to the corner and hits the bulldog of the ropes.  School boy for two.  Dreamer picks him up for a slam but maneuvers him into a reverse DDT.  Cover but Burchill under the rope.  Burchill hits a brainbuster on Dreamer.  Cover for two.  He goes for the knees in the corner but misses!  Dreamer hits the DDT and gets the three!


Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer celebrates but looks like he’s going to cry.


We get a commercial for the new Macho Man DVD and I, for one, can’t wait to pick it up.




We’re back to Memphis and Dreamer is still in the ring.  He says he wanted to take the time to say Thank You.  It may have been his last match on ECW.  He’s going to try to make sure that doesn’t happen but he wanted to take the opportunity to say goodbye.  He is then interrupted by Jack Swagger’s music.  The “All-American American” comes out with a mic and says there he is the last ECW original.. blah blah blah.  He says Dreamer is the only one that cares about it.  Saying he would win the belt or retire only made him hear his name and ECW Championship in the same sentence.  Swagger is not only going to win his belt back in hardcore fashion, he won’t have to see Dreamer or his grasping at what little glory he thought he had on his show anymore. Dreamer says he hopes Swagger one day understands what this business means to him.  He would never disrespect himself by grabbing for what little glory he thinks he has.  Next week, he will stand there as ECW Champion.


We get a rundown of the Extreme Rules card. 


The Hart Dynasty music hits and Tyson Kidd comes out with Natalya and David Hart Smith.  Kidd will take on Christian next.


Here comes your ECW Champion Christian.  Captain Charisma heads to the ring.


Christain (c) vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya and David Hart Smith) non-title match

They start out sizing each other up.  Christian chant starts.  They lock up and Christian gets Kidd in the corner but breaks clean.  Another lock up and Kidd gets him in a waist lock.  Christian reverses into and armbar, then a drop toe hold, then another armbar.  Kidd reverses into his own armbar.  Christian sends him to the ropes, goes to the mat, leapfrogs then hits the back kick.  Cover for two.  Kidd slaps himself to get his bearings.  Armlock from Christian that gets reversed.  Kidd goes to work on the left arm of Christian.  Wristlock.  Christian reverses but Kidd gets the upper hand again.  He wraps his leg around the arm of Christian and takes him down keeping the wristlock on.  Christian reverses again, then goes off the ropes and hits a shoulderblock.  Both men up and Kidd hits a backkick.  Then a dropkick.  He sends Christian headfirst to the turnbuckle.  Kidd goes up to the top and jumps and Christian catches him and hits a flapjack.  Kidd up and kicks to the midsection.  Christian sends him down and goes to the top rope.  He hits the missile dropkick.  Cover for two.  Kidd up and throws Christian to the outside.  Christian pulls him out as well.  They fight on the outside until Kidd wickedly spears Christian into the steel steps.


Commercial break.


We’re back and Kidd is in control.  He steps on Christian as his neck is draped on the bottom rope.  Christian up and tries to fight back but gets caught in a Canadian shrimp (credit Matt Striker) and then a single leg crab.  Christian rolls over and tries to kick out but can’t.  Small package from Christian gets two.  Kidd goes for a suplex but gets countered and Christian runs behind him.  They run at each other and hit a double clothesline.  Ref starts counting and both men are up.  Christian unloads with uppercuts then hits a double axe handle off the ropes.  Kidd is draped on the second rope and Christian steps on him.  He puts him on the top rope and drapes his back over it.  Christian to the top and hits the missile dropkick.  Cover for two.  He signals for the Killswitch.  But Kidd counters.  To the corner and Christian gets the sunset flip off the second turnbuckle.  Reversed by Kidd to a small package for two.  Kidd goes off the rope for knees to the head but gets caught into a powerbomb/cover for two.  Kidd up and kicks Christian from the outside apron.  He springboards but gets caught in a powerslam and cover for two.  Both men to the corner and Christian hits the pendulum kick.  He goes to the top rope and Swagger comes to the ramp.  Kid catches him and backflips him off.  Hits a leg drop from the top rope and covers for two.  Swagger was on the ring steps and Dreamer runs out.  He pushes Swagger off the steps and splashes both David Hart Smith and  Swagger.  Kidd tries to take advantage and attempts to throw Christian into the ring post but it is reversed, Kidd hits the ringpost and Christian hits the Killswitch! 1,2,3!


Winner: Christian

Dreamer is in the ring as Christian celebrates.  Christian lets Dreamer touch the belt and continues to celebrate.  Dreamer pulls him in, kick to the midsection and a DDT!  Dreamer walks out to his music as the show ends.


Not a bad show before the PPV.  See you next week, kids.