Indie News: Did Nash Shoot On A Quebecer? (With Video)


Michael Ryan provided me with the following report on the match between Kevin Nash and Carl Ouellet at IWS’s 10 Year Anniversary Show. The match was billed as a possible shoot due to bad blood between Nash and Oullet stemming from their time in the WWF together. Here’s how things went:

Nash Unhappy with Results IWS Xth Anniversary
Montreal 05/30

It seems like Kevin Nash is the only man unhappy after the crowded party at the Medley last night for the International Wrestling Syndicate’s Tenth Anniversary. Nash was all smiles backstage after tapping out to Pierre-Carl Ouellet’s arm-bar, congratulating PCO on the win and the crowd’s positive reaction to PCO. The smile never quite reached his eyes however. Once clear of PCO. PCO’s ex-tag team partner Brick Crawford and a crowd of PCO’s friends from his gym, the mask slipped. Nash’s IWS Chauffeur back to the airport, Joseph Fitzmorris, reported to me that Nash spent most of the drive snarling that no one was supposed to touch his arm (still tender from a recent staph infection.)

The main event of the IWS Tenth Anniversary started with Kevin Nash coming out to his NWO theme and announcing to the crowd, “I’m a professional wrestler, that’s what I do for a living. I’m not a shoot-fighter. I get paid to wrestle not to shoot-fight. I was paid in advance, so if anyone in the back decides to turn this into a shoot, I will roll my old, grey-haired ass out of this ring and go back to Florida.”

Meeting Nash’s demands, the match was a (highly entertaining) professional wrestling match. At the start of the match, the crowd was split,with PCO backed by a slight majority of the crowd, but as the match went on the crowd swung solidly behind PCO, especially after a grumpy Nash’s negative reaction to a “Super Shredder” chant. Nash took control of the match after using a pair of scissors to cut off one of the top turnbuckles and (eventually) dropping PCO face-first on the exposed metal. PCO immediately rolled out of the ring, coming up with a face covered in blood.

After brawling outside of the ring, Nash rolled PCO in to finish the match with a huge jack-knife power bomb. Nash seemed startled and angry when PCO kicked out of the power-bomb after one. Nash leaned into PCO with a couple of stiff punches, but was caught by surprise when PCO demonstrated some of the MMA tricks that he has picked up sparring with Steve Bosse and grabbed Nash’s bad arm for an arm-bar. Nash tapped quickly and was clutching his arm in pain even while acknowledging the crowd’s cheers after the match with his famous Wolf-Pac salute.

Clips of the match can be found here.