It'll be a Dozen this August with The Simpsons: Season 12

Here’s a listing of the twenty-one episodes of twelfth season

Disc One –

249 Treehouse of Horror XI: G-G-Ghost Dad/Scary Tales Can Come True/Night Of The Dolphin.
250 A Tale Of Two Springfields
251 Insane Clown Poppy
252 Lisa The Tree Hugger
253 Homer Vs. Dignity

Disc Two –

254 The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
255 The Great Money Caper
256 Skinner’s Sense of Snow
257 HOMR (Great Episode)
258 Pokey Mom
259 Worst Episode Ever

Disc Three –

260 Tennis The Menace
261 Day Of The Jackanapes
262 New Kids On The Blecch
263 Hungry, Hungry Homer
264 Bye, Bye, Nerdie
265 Simpson Safari

Disc Four –

266 Trilogy Of Error
267 I’m Goin’ To Praiseland
268 Children Of A Lesser Clod
269 Simpsons Tall Tales


â—¦ Commentaries on all 21 episodes
â—¦ Deleted Scenes
â—¦ Featurettes:
â—¦ A Comic Moment with Matt Groening
â—¦ Illustrated commentary – Lisa The Tree Hugger
â—¦ Comic Book Guy: Best. Moments. Ever.
â—¦ Illustrated commentary – HOMR
â—¦ Illustrated commentary – I’m Goin’ to Praiseland
â—¦ The Global Fanfest
â—¦ Animated Showcases/Storyboard Galleries
â—¦ The Commercials:
â—¦ Nestle USA “Butterfingeritis”
â—¦ Nestle USA “Bart’s Nightmare”
â—¦ Burger King International “Spaced Homer”
â—¦ Red Rooster “Loungearama”
â—¦ Easter Eggs

Source: 20th Century FOX Home Entertainment


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