More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – June Woes

There’s this Web site that I visit to stay informed. Well, usually I go there to stay informed, but lately going there has been more of a form or torture that I subject myself to occasionally.

Y’see, being one of the three people who still buy physical albums, Tuesday still has meaning for me. Thus, I like to check out what’s being released this week or month. But given the current state of the economy, checking out what’s coming out has basically been like rubbing salt into my gaping open wound; I’m looking for release dates for albums, but I don’t have any clue when I’ll actually be able to purchase them.

Now, a coworker (actually I just got news that she’s now a “former coworker”) told me that I should just download the albums when they lead. She said this even after I explained my beef with stealing and how I only looked for stuff that couldn’t be purchased. Her rationale was that since I’m in financial dire straits, I honestly can’t buy any music, therefore everything would be fair game. While I appreciated her attempt to dodge my rules, I explained that it would still be wrong.

But back to my regularly scheduled torture. The site that I visit is They’ve got a pretty accurate list of what’s coming out every Tuesday, and even feature a list new releases a month in advance. It’s a site that I’ve been going to for years and it’s über-reliable. And it’s that site that clued me into the reality that June was going to be a heavy month.

For instance, Mos Def’s new album The Ecstatic drops on Tuesday. I’ve been a fan of Mos for a minute and I’ve enjoyed all of his albums. I even enjoyed his video on Youtube where he explains how he’s the nicest emcee out. So I’m really looking forward to hearing his new joint.

(Also coming out Tuesday is a buttload of reissues. Seriously, a ton of stuff is getting re-released.

Then, two weeks later, How I Got Over by The Roots drops. Anyone who’s been reading this column regularly knows how much I love The Roots. I’m pretty excited about hearing the sound for the new album. Rising Down was very much the thematic sequel to Game Theory, so I’m wondering if the new album will continue down the same path or break new ground. I’m so excited.

Also dropping on the 23rd is Pete Yorn’s Back & Forth. Again, I’m a fan, so I’m looking forward to hearing new material.

I’ve got no idea how I’m going to scrape together the money for this auditory adventure, but I’m sure I’ll work something out. Worst case scenario: summertime in Baltimore means tons of tourists in the Harbor just waiting to be mugged.

I’m kidding. Or am I…?

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