WEC 41: Brown vs. Faber Live Coverage

Welcome to our live coverage of WEC 41: Brown vs. Faber. Nate Lawson will guide you through the evening, starting around 9:00pm ET. Join Nate for all the action!

Hello MMA fans. Tonight will be a night filled with thunder from some of the smaller guys in mixed martial arts. WEC 41 will have a main card made up of lightweight and featherweight fights. The undercard will include the bantamweight division as well.

Speaking of the undercard, the results are in and listed below.


Seth Dukin defeats Rolando Perez via submission (triangle choke)–Round 1/2:30

Frank Gomez defeats Noah Thomas via submission (arm triangle choke)–Round 2/3:12

Antonio Banuelos defeats Scott Jorgenson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Anthony Pettis defeats Mike Campbell via submission (triangle choke)–Round 1/1:49

Rafael Rebello defeats Kyle Dietz via submission (rear naked choke)–Round 1/2:55

Manny Gamburyan defeats John Franchi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


The main card will begin momentarily. Stick around for the live round by round update of WEC 41-Brown vs. Faber. Also, let everyone know your thoughts and predictions below, as well as your opinions on the fights, down below in the comment box. Thank you and stay tuned!


The first fight is a battle of veteran vs. young gun. This will be a featherweight matchup featuring…

Jens Pulver vs. Josh Grispi

Round 1-  Pulver immediately gets a takedown, but lands in a very tight guillotine choke. He seems to beslipping his head out, but no, he cannot. Jens Pulver is forced to submit via guillotine choke.

Result- Josh Grispi defeats Jens Pulver via submission (guillotine choke)–Round 1/0:33

Grispi gives a very humble post fight speech, showing his respect for “Lil Evil”.

Pulver’s speech is a little more emotional. He begins by explaining how tough he knew his opponent was, and ends by saying he may be finishing where he started. It appears Jens Pulver may have just announced a retirement from mixed martial arts. However, he follows up saying that he is not saying that he is done yet. Perhaps this was just stated due to the feelings Pulver was feeling immediately after the loss. MMA fans can only hope to see this living legend once again.

The next fight features”The Cowboy” and a fighter making his WEC debut. This lightweight bout features…

Donald Cerrone vs. James Krause

Round 1- Krause lands a leg kick and goes for a takedown. Cerrone stops it and the fighters are back up. The fighters exchange punches and Cerrone is taken down. Cerrone attempts an arm lock, but slips out. The fighters are back up, then Krause immediately takes it back down. Cerrone working on an omoplata, but gives it up. Now Cerrone is in Krause’s guard. Cerrone rains down punches and elbow, but fails to do much damage. Krause attempts a heel hook, but lets it go immediately. They are back up. Krause attempts a takedown but fails. Krause looks a little tired as the fighters send leg kicks toward one another, none doing much damage. Krause pushes Cerrone toward the fence and works on a single. Cerrone moves to a guillotine but lets go. Cerrone lands an enormously powerful knee. Cerrone drops Krause with a straight right and takes Krause’s back, working on the hooks. He has them, but is a little high in positioning. Cerrone sends shot after shot into Krause’s head, weakening him. Cerrone sneaks in the choke. It’s in. Krause taps out due to a deep rear naked choke!

Result-  Donald Cerrone defeats James Krause via submission (rear naked choke)–Round 1/4:38

Cerrone proved to be quite dominant in this bout. In his post fight speech, Varner is brought up. Cerrone says he will fight Varner “anytime, anywhere”. The fans take Varner’s back and boo Cerrone’s words.

Cerrone was already the number one lightweight contender in the WEC. It is most certain that he will get a rematch with Varner very soon, a fight that will hopefully take place in the octagon. At this point, Cerrone is willing to make any place a venue for this rematch, whether it be a ring, or a bar in Sacramento.

Two featherweights match up for a possible number one contendership in the featherweight division. This featherweight bout features…

Jose Aldo vs. Cub Swanson

Round 1- The fighters touch gloves and Aldo immediately lands a devastating flying knee. Mazagatti steps in after several additional strikes. Fight is over. An absolutely terrifyingly accurate flying knee leads to a very early stoppage and a victory for Jose Aldo.


Jose Aldo defeats Cub Swanson via TKO–Round 1/0:08

With easily the greatest flying knee since James Irvin knocked out Terry Martin, Aldo will undoubtedly move to the number one contender position in the featherweight division. This is a division that is getting deeper by the minute.


The next fight is the fight you have all been waiting for. Mike Brown will defend his belt against Urijah Faber in tonight’s Main Event. Will Brown defeat Faber for the second time? Or will Urijah Faber exact his revenge? These questions will be answered when the Featherweight Title of the WEC is put up for grabs in…

Mike Brown vs. Urijah Faber

First Round: The excitement is rushing through the stadium and into your living rooms as these two featherweights touch gloves. The fight begins with Faber attempting a few kicks, none doing any damage. The figters clinch. Brown has underhooks. Brown is having his way with Faber at the fence, sending in a big elbow. The fighters break and look for an opportunity. Faber lands a big kick and seems to be comfortable. Another flurry from Faber. Faber catches Brown in a guillotine but Brown gets out and takes Faber’s back. Brown’s left eye is cut. Faber stands up and Brown looks at the clock. Brown knees Faber in the head a few times. Faber lands an elbow, but Brown still is holding Faber. Faber lands some big knees. Brown lands an overhnad right. Flurry from Faber. Brown nails Faber. Faber is down to the mat and Brown is on top. Brown in side control. Brown looks for a headlock. The round ends with Brown sending several shots to Faber’s head. An absolutely intense round in the WEC featherweight division.

Round 2: Faber misses a kick. Brown looks to counter, nothing lands. Fighters continue to throw. Brown sends a couple shots Faber’s way. Faber misses a head kick. Brown seems to be controlling the octagon. Brown sends several shots into Faber. Brown ends up in side control of Faber. Brown is now in half guard. Back to side conrol. Brown takes the back of Faber. Faber tries to stand up. Brown’s strength may be too much for Faber to do much. Brown continues to punch Faber. Faber gets Brown into a guillotine, but Brown escapes and is back into side control. Faber reverses Brown, but Brown stands up. Brown has Faber up against the fence. The fighters separate. Faber lands a head kick. Brown looks to move in as he controls the center of the octagon. Brown and Faber are back to the fence and Brown with the takedown. Faber stands up.  Round ends without action. Brown seemed to dominate that one.

Round 3: Brown takes the center once again. Faber attempts a kick. Faber throws a left hook to the liver. Faber misses flying knee. Faber lands a nice elbow, but Brown gains position on the ground. He has a guillotine. Is it deep enough? No. Brown transitions to the back and throws punches to the head of Urijah Faber. Faber is up and looks to strike. Neither fighter seems to be very tired, the result of a great camp. Faber looks for a knee, but it is blocked. Now he lands a knee to Brown’s head. Brown close in on  Faber and begins to throw some huge punches. Brown looks for a heel hook but it is not to be. Faber throws an elbow similar to the first fight with Brown, but with a much better result. Brown with a couple of punches. Faber looks  for an elbow. Brown sends a punch to Faber. Round is ending an Brown clinches up against the fence. Brown continues to throw punches to Faber’s torso. Round ends. This one was a lot closer than the former round.

Round 4: Faber’s hand seems hurt, but the fourth round is set to begin. Missed kick by Faber. Left by Faber. The fighters clinch. Brown misses with an overhand right.  Brown throws some punches out of a single collar. Brown sends Faber down, but Faber’s right back up. It seems Brown smells blood. Brown is throwing more and more punches. Faber looks somewhat tired. Brown closes in and misses with a right, a big right. Brown gets a leg and looks for a takedown, but does not pursue it. Faber misses with his left. Brown starts throwing uppercuts. Both fighters look tired. Faber lands an elbow. Faber is throwing only elbows. Brown may be seeing a weakness. Brown lands an uppercut and comes with more. Last minute of the fourth round. Faber’s arms look like there is something wrong with them. The fighters clinch, with Faber landing a solid knee. Fighters exchange knees as the round closes. Another close round.

Round 5: And heree we go. The fifth and final round. The fighters exchange and clinch, with Faber landing a very nice knee. Brown takes down Faber, but falls into a guillotine. Brown gets out and takes the back, looking for another takedown. Faber lands some elbows. Brown lands a nice left. Brown looks to close in once again and the fighters clinch. Urijah looks for a guillotine but Brown slams Faber and takes the back. The fighters stand once again. Kick by Faber. Brown lands a quick left. Brown takes Faber down once again. Faber stands and Brown continues to knee Faber in the head. Elbow by Faber. Faber is going for another choke but Brown escapes. Faber could not secure it with his hand. His arms are just too weak. A lot of heart shown by California’s own. One minute left. Both fighters throw, none doing much damage. The fighters clinch and Brown takes Faber down once again, taking Brown’s back. Big elbow by Faber. Faber is on top of Brown. Brown stands. Fight ends. Fight will go to the judges scorecards. What an amazing fight. What extraordinary heart. This is what MMA is truly all about.

Final Result: Mike Brown defeats Urijah Faber via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

Brown has nothing but great things to say about Faber, ending his speech almost in tears.

Faber clearly has something wrong with his hand. He says he damaged it in the first round. Showing true heart, Faber has nothing bad to say about anything. But that is what we have come to expect from the laid back Faber.

Well that wraps up the WEC 41 live blog on Inside Fights. This event gave us several amazing fights, including the highly anticipated Brown vs. Faber. This event certainly did not disappoint. On behalf of us all at Inside Fights, this is Nate Lawson saying check us out for our next live blog at UFC 99, along with future events coming your way soon! Thanks for stopping by for another amazing night of fights.

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