WWE DotCom Delivery – Week of 06/07/09

We start straight with Word Up, where this week’s word is CORNBALL: of a cheesy, corny and over-the-top-feel-good-nature, or sorry. Of course it connects to Shad’s yet unsatisfied love for Eve and all the cornball stuff that JTG advised him to do and did not work. But apparently JTG knew what he was saying, because Eve just showed up and she wants to see Shad later.

Santino’s Casa is about the Hog Pen match on Extreme Rules. We get a tale of the tape featuring Santina and Vickie. Of course, the pig jokes fill Vickie’s side of the screen, on every line. It was funny at first, but it’s already beyond the overkill point. I so hope this ends on Sunday night.

Finally, this week’s Weekly Top Five are Big Show knocking out The Miz with a single punch from Raw, Kofi Kingston winning the IC Championship from MVP on Raw, Edge knocking down Jeff Hardy’s ladder on Smackdown, John Morrison’s victory over Shelton Benjamin from Smackdown and Jeff Hardy’s over-the-ladder-legdrop on Edge, again from Smackdown. For another week Smackdown dominates the WTF.

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