Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time RAW Coverage – 06.08.09

Welcome Pulse Readers to tonight’s real-time coverage of WWE RAW! I’ll be here and on my Official Twitter Page all evening. You can follow me on Twitter by looking at my Twitter feed at the bottom of this live report.

Here is what is on tap for tonight’s RAW:

Batista kicks off tonight’s RAW to address winning the title at Extreme Rules.
John Cena confronts the Miz.
Maryse puts the Divas Championship on the line against Kelly Kelly.
Primo & Carlito take on Legacy’s Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase and if Legacy wins, they earn a future Unified Tag Title opportunity.


We recap what happened between Batista and Randy Orton last night at Extreme Rules.  After that, we segue right into the show with an appearance by the new WWE Champion, Batista!  Huge Batista chants emit from the crowd at the Cajundome and Batista says that he beat the Hell out of Randy Orton to become a 5-time World Champion.  He brings up Ric Flair saying that he did this for him.  Not only that, he did this for everyone who is sick and tired of Randy Orton.  He vows that he is not done with Orton.  He’s going to take his pride and his dignity…

And out comes Randy Orton.  He takes his time to head towards the ring, which usually means that Batista is going to be ambushed.  I was right and it is a Legacy ambush.  Batista fights them off and he looks to bomb Orton, but he gets hit with a chair.  They corner Batista in the ring and they decimate him.  They target the shoulder that is supposedly injured and Orton picks the chair up.  He wedges the shoulder in the chair as the fans want Cena to come out.  Orton stomps the chair a few times and Batista is helpless.  Batista says that Orton will never get rid of him and Orton snaps Batista’s arm in an awkward way.  Orton raises the title in the air and he leaves the ring with it.  Trainers rush the ring to assist Batista.


We’re back and Batista is heading right to the hospital and Batista says he can’t feel the arm.  They strap him onto the stretcher and the only thing he is worried about is his title.  We recap what happened moments ago.

BOOM BOOM!  And bonus points for Lillian Garcia for screwing that up.  Kofi is the United States Champion, not the Intercontinental Champion.

Kofi Kingston v. William Regal

Before the match, Regal says that the fans need someone like him as the United States Champion.  The bell rings and they lock up.  Regal works the arm and he meets up with Kofi with mixed results.  Kofi off the top and Regal is ready with a fist.  Rolling Sunset Flip by Kofi is blocked.  Standing senton by Regal gets two.  Regal fires off the left hooks and he sends Kofi in the corner.  Kofi fights back, hitting the Polish Sledge and he connects with the temple.  Double Leg Drop gets two on Regal.  Regal gets back on the offense and he runs for the face, but Kofi blocks it.  Trouble in Paradise attempt is dodged, but Kofi hits it anyway for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston
Grade: D- (This needed five more minutes)

Josh Matthews wants to ask Randy why he did what he did.  Randy says that Batista is down and out.  He is going to use his rematch clause tonight and he will win the title back. Vickie Guerrero appearantly approved it.


We’re back to the show and it’s time for the WWE Divas Championship!

Kelly Kelly v. Maryse
WWE Divas Championship

But wait! Mickie James is out here to make sure that Maryse plays fair this time around. Mickie joins commentary and the bell sounds. Maryse sends Kelly down and taunts her. They lock up and they roll around in the ring. Kelly is on the offensive, but Maryse comes back and they both take each other out. Maryse comes back and she gets a near fall. Both divas are back up and Maryse misses the charge and gets rolled up for two.  Kelly comes at Maryse with crossbody and gets another close two.  Another rollup and another kick out.  Maryse SWEEPS THE LEG AND KELLY LANDS HARD.  DDT by Maryse and she gets the non-chalant cover for three.

Winner: Maryse
Grade: D

Mickie James looks on as Maryse gloats.  She slaps away at Kelly Kelly and Mickie James steps in.  Maryse takes her leave.


Next week on RAW – The 3-For-All – The WWE, ECW, & World Heavyweight Championships are ON THE LINE!

We’re going to talk about last night’s Hog Pen match.  Oh God.

Josh Matthews is with Vickie Guerrero and she confirms that Randy will have his rematch tonight.  Josh says that it is unfair, but Vickie doesn’t care.  She has a huge announcement that will change the face of RAW forever.

The Miz and Maryse chat a bit, but Maryse blows him off in French.  She wants him to beat Cena tonight or they won’t be an item.

Santino Marella, Festus, & Goldust (w/Hornswoggle) – The New Comedy Quartet v. ???

But first…Commercials.

Santino Marella, Festus, & Goldust (w/Hornswoggle) – The New Comedy Quartet v. Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero, & Jaime Noble

Festus starts off and he destroys Kendrick in the center of the ring.  Tag to Santino and Santino kicks Kendrick’s legs down.  Kendrick sends Santino back to the corner and in comes Goldust.  He fights off Noble, but Kendrick takes advantage and Chavo comes in.  He beats on Goldust in the corner and the referee talks to him, allowing for the Kendrick/Noble double team.  Goldust gets tied up and in comes Jaime Noble.  He chokes away at Goldust, but Goldust tries to get up.  Festus is taken care of and Santino takes care of Noble, allowing Goldust to hit the atomic drop.  Tag to Santino and he takes care of Noble until all Hell breaks loose and Kendrick throws Hornswoggle in the ring.  Goldust takes care of Kendrick, but Hornswoggle stomps on Noble’s foot.  Where’s the DQ?  Santino gets the schoolboy for the win.

Winners: Santino, Festus, & Goldust
Grade: C-

Cena walks.


We’re back and the Miz interrupts Lillian Garcia like the person he is.  He is wearing his anti-Cena shirt and he asks for the microphone.  He proclaims that this is the night everyone was waiting for.  He goes on and on saying that it’s not his fault that Cena wouldn’t play with him.  OK, that sounded wrong, but it’s funny as hell.  He talks down the Cena fans and he claims that Cena has no excuses tonight.  TOOL TIME REFERENCE FOR THE WIN!

The Miz v. John Cena

Well, it seems that the Big Show can’t just leave things alone as he makes his way out to the ring.  He stands on the apron and Cena decides on who to attack first.  Cena kicks Miz out of the ring and he gets chokeslammed by the Big Show.  Show locks on the Camel Clutch and Cena goes night-night.  The Miz is pissed off and he TAKES IT TO THE BIG SHOW WITH A STEEL CHAIR!  He saves a chair shot for Cena for good measure.  Bit Show comes to and the Miz leaves the ring as Big Show is pissed off.  The Miz has a smug look on his face as he poses on the ramp.

No Match
Epic Fail.


We recap what happened at the beginning of the show where Batista was taken out. MVP comes out and he wants to be in the WWE Championship match next week on RAW.

Montel Vontanious Porter v. Matt Hardy

The bell sounds and they lock up.  MVP acts as the aggressor in the early going.  Early cover gets two and MVP continues to beat on Hardy.  HARDY SWEEPS THE LEG ON THE TURNBUCKLE and MVP gets caught in a two count.  Hardy chokes MVP out in the corner and Hardy connects with the running knee attack.  Hardy has on a front facelock and MVP tries to get back up.  Hardy turns MVP around, but didn’t get to capitalize.  MVP with the kidney shots and he takes down Hardy.  Knee to the face and it’s time…to…go…BALLIN’!  That gets two.  MVP sends Hardy to the corner, but he misses the high kick and Hardy capitalizes with the neckbreaker for two.  Hardy looks to use the cast, but MVP does him one better.  The Playmaker connects and that’s all!

Winner: MVP
Grade: B-

Vickie walks.


We recap the World Title ladder match last night from Extreme Rules.  CM Punk cashed in and he wins the World title for the second year in a row.

Time to get to business.  Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ring.  EXCUSE ME!  She knows that we’re upset that she granted Randy Orton his rematch clause.  She’s not interested in making us happy, so it seems.  She recants on how she was insulted last night.  Pig jokes are on the house tonight and she’s ashamed of everyone.  She gets close to breaking down and she confirms yet again that the WWE Title match is on tonight.  She’s tired of it all.  Here Vickie, have a tissue.  She has made a decision…that she’s resigning as GM of RAW.  In other words, she quits!

And this gives her the biggest face reaction in her career.

Edge makes a surprise appearance on RAW tonight.  He enters the ring and he looks at Vickie.  He apologizes about last night, basically.  He wants to make things right, but then again…a funny thing happened.  Since she quit, he doesn’t need to keep playing the charade.  He used her for her power, that was why he married her.  He calls her things such as a she-beast.  This is funny.  The only saving grace was that they didn’t screw each other.  He makes it simple – that he wants a divorce.  Vickie loses it.


We recap the segment with Big Show, Miz, & Cena.  Josh Matthews is with Cena and he says that he’s been worse.  He wants to settle his problems with the Big Show.  He does respect the Miz for wanting to take it to the biggest star.  Cena promises that he and Miz will be in the ring soon and he’ll have to prove how awesome he is.

Legacy v. Primo & Colon

Author’s Note: Apologizes are in order, but there was an error in the site that caused me to lose the rest of the real time report from here.  I’ll provide a summary as to what happened from this point forward.

Legacy d. Primo & Carlito when DiBiase nails Primo with the Dream Street. (Grade: B)

Cena tells the Big Show that their rivalry will soon be finished and he tells Miz to be ready to prove just how awesome he is.

Batista keeps the WWE Title when Triple H returns to RAW and royally kicks Orton’s ass all over the arena.

The Final Grade for WWE RAW: C-

Again, I’m sorry that I didn’t get the rest of the show in real-time.  Next week the kinks should be ironed out and I’ll be better prepared to handle this.  Enjoy your week.

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