The Universe: The Complete Season Three – DVD Review


We all live on the planet Earth and surely take way too much for granted. Living in a city which is in a state or county or parish and we merely go about our lives everyday. Each year we get together with loved ones and discuss some of the places we haven’t yet been and could go visit on vacation. The Hawaiian islands? Paris, France? Perhaps a trip to South Africa with a  custom African safari package for a traditional safari is in order? But what about those places that no-one has ever been to and that more then likely, you’ll never even get close to visiting? That’s right, our gigantic world is only a small speck in the huge universe that comes at us from all sides.

The History Channel has done it again as The Universe takes viewers deep into the farthest regions of space where the members of the Starship Enterprise could only dream of going. Jumping from planet to planet, and even going beyond where the stretches where even any knowledge is yet known. Each episode goes into the past and takes footage from old news reels and gradually brings us up to date on where research has gotten us as technology has grown more advanced. In past seasons we have seen the planets analyzed while the many moons and parts of deep space were dissected. Season three takes a look at some of the stranger and more uncommon parts of the numerous solar systems swirling above our heads keeping the interest at an all-time high.

In this series, you’ll begin to think that there is nothing you don’t already know that isn’t scientific mumbo-jumbo, but you’re wrong. You’ll also find yourself not only being concerned with the CGI presentations either. The information spewed forth by researchers and scientists is so incredibly mind stimulating that you’ll be more focused on each episode then any suspense-filled thriller ever. One of the History Channel’s most enjoyable series, The Universe does a great job of never letting the experts being interviewed to jabber on for too long because it just isn’t what people want to see. Many series giving factual information let the camera sit on these people as they speak, but this series introduces them and then lets them talk over the great footage and computer generated imagery.

Season three does manage to keep the excitement and knowledge up, but it appears as if the creators of the series are trying to reach out to a much broader audience. The Universe hasn’t alienated anyone by far but it has appeared to be aimed more at an adult crowd looking to learn a little something. As each season comes about though, it is evident that there are hopes of younger viewers coming in with some of the stranger and somewhat funnier topics. It’s all still great stuff though and continues to keep this not only one of the best series on the History Channel but on all of television.


Disc One:

Deep Space Disasters
Parallel Universes
Light Speed

Disc Two:

Sex In Space
Alien Faces
Deadly Comets And Meteors

Disc Three:

Living In Space
Stopping Armageddon
Another Earth

Disc Four:

Strangest Things
Edge Of Space
Cosmic Phenomena

The episodes are shown in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen format and look fantastic. Some of the most breathtaking images are shown in this set and you simply must sit back and take it all in for they are most likely things you’ll never see any better then this.

The episodes are heard in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound and does the job here. There is not much to be heard except for the narrator who comes through perfectly clear and at the forefront at all times. Every now and then you’ll hear an occasional sunburst or something else, but nothing that will ever overpower the narration.

Universe Facts

Photo Gallery

The History Channel impresses me with something new every week and most recently with their brand new series entitled Life After People. I sincerely hope that series can have as long and as good a run as The Universe is having with now this third season being released on DVD. There’s a damn good reason though this series is still on the air and it is just because it’s simply that enjoyable. There is so much to learn and this is a show that could probably go on for fifty seasons and still never cover everything there is to cover in this vast universe. Again the special features are really small in quantity even though they are of some of the highest quality with more knowledge to learn and a number of beautiful pictures. The Universe is a lot of fun and it’ll keep you entertained without even realizing you’re becoming smarter. Boldly go where no man has before except to get some of the footage shown here. You know what I mean.


A&E Home Video presents The Universe: The Complete Season 3. Created by: Tony Long. Starring: Erik Thompson (narrator). Running time: 700 minutes on – discs. Rating: Not Rated. Released on DVD: May 26, 2009. Available at

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