A Modest Blog Triple H and Orton

Good lord do I not want to see Triple H vs. Randy Orton again. We just got several months of this and we’ve got it several times already. To make matters worse, absolutely nothing has really changed storyline wise. Hunter hasn’t even been gone long enough to seem fresh. Orton is somehow about 100 times less interesting since the Triple H feud began, losing all of his cool edge and slowing everything to a crawl to make sure there’s no chance that he continues to get face heat. Of course, since Triple H moves glacially anyway, that means we get treated to more plodding matches that are akin to watching your fingernails grow, appropriate since I’d rather rip those same fingernails out than watch these matches again.

I know a few months back I thought Orton was rocketed on the path to superstardom, but pretty much everything since the Royal Rumble has been dedicated to getting the fans to truly hate him. Sadly, the WWE has done this by making him as boring as possible and taking off his self-sufficient edge, making him just another cowardly heel with lackeys. It’s always disappointing when the WWE decides to get guys over how they want instead of how the fans are causing the character to grow organically and this usually leads to an unintentional sabotage, at best slowing the wrestlers ascent to stardom, at worst, sabotaging their career. Anyone want to chime in with some examples?

I’ll be back with Raw title controversy thoughts tomorrow.

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