More on WWE Suspensions, General Managers & Turmoil


As of yesterday, WWE was still considering its options with regards as to who the new General Manager of Raw might be. Vickie Guerrero handed in her notice almost a month ago. There is a lot of speculation that it will be Ric Flair as Monday’s show is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Flair had been offered the same spot on Smackdown earlier in the year but turned it down.

Meanwhile, PWInsider is reporting that Vince McMahon has been more aggravated than usual in recent weeks. This is not thought to be a good time for the support staff to rock the boat or to disagree with anything Vince suggests. He was also particular about having Jerry Lawler call the majority of the Batista angle on Raw this week as he did not trust Michael Cole to be able to get the storyline over with the audience.

WWE also did another round of drug testing at Raw and the creative team has received a list of names that they are not to write material for as of this Monday. Here is a list of current WWE wrestlers with prior Wellness Policy violations:

— William Regal (2 violations)
— Chavo Guerrero (2 violations)
— Jeff Hardy (2 violations)
— Randy Orton (1 violation)
— Jimmy Wang (1 violation)
— D.H. Smith (1 violation)
— Edge (1 violation)
— Charlie Haas (1 violation)
— John Morrison (1 violation)
— Gregory Helms (1 violation)
— Festus (1 violation)