Umaga Was Fired For Wellness Policy Violation

WWE announced on their website that Umaga was released from the company because of a second Wellness Policy violation and a subsequent refusal to attend rehab. Here is the statement:

As reported on on Monday, June 8, 2009, WWE Superstar Umaga (Edward Fatu) has been released from his World Wrestling Entertainment contract. However, consistent with the practice of announcing wellness policy violations, it should be noted that Umaga’s termination was due to his second violation of the WWE Wellness Program and his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility.

This marks the first time WWE has fired one of their wrestlers due to the Wellness Policy rather than just suspending them. The company delayed the announcement whilst they reviewed their drugs policy.

Umaga had been scheduled to beat C.M. Punk at Extreme Rules until the creative team was informed late in the week about what was happening with him. The original plan would have had Umaga win on the PPV to be the blow-off for Punk’s win on Smackdown, which left both guys with one win apiece. Umaga was also scheduled to feud with The Undertaker after his return in the summer, which has been in the works for about a year now but continued to be delayed due to injuries to both men.


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