Victoria/Tara Denies Rumors She Was Benoit’s Mistress

Lisa Marie Varon denied a rumor that she was Chris Benoit’s mistress at her MySpace blog. The Knockout formerly known as Victoria finds the timing of the rumor, reported at PWPIX, suspicious, given that it circulated hours before her in-ring TNA debut.

Varon implies that someone working for her former employer was involved in spreading the rumor and lets it be known that they don’t want to go down that road with her:

I have made every effort to move on and take the high road. The worst thing that I have said is that I wanted a different role. Believe me, in nine years with that organization, I have been aware of behavior so deviant that it would shock the devil himself. But as the old saying goes, the only thing certain about a mudslinging contest is that everyone gets dirty.

She also challenges the site to send some out to give her a polygraph test and says that the incident has only motivated her work in TNA more.

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