Shponga Reverie 001

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Shponga Reverie 001 – Dance


Aggra : we know raaazzllee– ; nice chap, he is.

Ganga : yeah. well, actually, you and i know him. the substitute doesn’t.

Elizabeth: stop it, girls! cut it out. enough with this.

Aggra and Ganga *taunting tone* : freshman, freshman! new-co-mer!! na-ny na-ny moo-moo.

Elizabeth: ugh! leave me alone!

Aggra: anyways, grasshopper.. learn!  raaazzllee–  quite a guy. but you should meet his brother,…now,THAT’s a lizard-oriented man. hmmmm…. dddddaaazzzleeee– was his name…twice as big as bro, half as spiky on the shoulders.

Ganga: you should have memorized that, actually. we discuss him in volume W of our basic course into shponglindom. ooooo, aggra… someone’s not going to pass her finals…

Elizabeth: cutitout! *razafraza* When did you last see him, girls?

Ganga: Ireland?

Aggra: No, at that disco…remember…the time he was castrated because his pants’ crotch area refused to stretch like the rest of it…. the youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu holler he gave at the dancefloor still haunts me to this day.

Ganga: yeah, i remember. i was  lady-with-a-belly-holding-imaginary-cup that day, so i had no defense against that noise…if it weren’t for (.. you know… the one who is not here.)

Aggra: yeah…reminiscing…

Elizabeth: and what were you that day, Aggra?

Aggra: the number 167,563

Ganga: she was in her 4-odds 2-evens phase…

Elizabeth: ah… well then…  what now? … invite raaazzllee– and dddddaaazzzleeee– for the cookout?

[Editor’s Note: This week’s panel comes from DC Comics’ Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1 by Joe Casey and ChrisCross.  Want more Shpongelettes? Send us your panel suggestions for their channel surfing]