Smack YOU! June 12th 2009

I just logged onto the site to post this and just found out that Puro Legend Mitsuharu Misawa has died. I don’t really know what to say, this is an absolute tradgedy. I’ll write again when I know more. R.I.P Misawa San. You were an icon among legends.

Man all the jokes in this seem very inappropriare. Please know that I wrote this before I found out about Misawa’s death

Right before the show even starts a random hobo comes out carrying a replica World Title. Man security is sure lax at WWE shows isn’t it? Oh wait, it’s CM Punk, sorry about that. I can’t believe that Punk actually won the belt once, let alone twice! Fans don’t seem to sure what to make of him as some people clap and others boo. He says that a lot of people say he stole the title but that’s only because he beat Jeff and if he’d beaten Edge they would have loved it. He’s got em there I gotta say. The general point of his promo seems to be “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. He doesn’t actually say that though, which is a pity. Jeff limps out to interrupts and says he isn’t there to complain, only to start immediately complaining. Ah, wrestling. Jeff says he doesn’t feel Punk earned the title and the fans seem to agree. Punk’s answer is “them’s the breaks” but Jeff thinks he’s being selfish and challenges him for a match tonight. Cue, Edge. He wants a title shot and thinks that Punk is trying to emulate him what with cashing in MITB and being “Straight Edge”. Jeff attacks everyone and Teddy Long comes out making Edge Vs Jeff tonight with the winner getting a title shot on the Raw Special.

Teddy walks into his office where Jericho is waiting. He wants the World Title to go with his IC Title. That’s just being greedy. Teddy makes Jericho Vs Punk later tonight.

Dolph Ziggler Vs The Great Khali w/ Sidey McSideburns

J.R. seems to be trying really hard to put Dolph over here. Dolph tries to keep moving and stay away but Khali eventually grabs hold of him and pounds away. Dolph goes to Khali’s legs, trying to chop the tree down and gets a front face lock. Khali powers up and flings Dolph away before nailing a big boot. Dolph avoids the Khali Chop and rolls outside where he holds Ranjin Singh hostage. Khali comes to the rescue and Dolph uses the opportunity to roll in and win by count out.


½* – This would have made more sense if Khali had not already pinned Dolph last week. This feud would seem to be continuing.

Michelle McCool and Layla w/ Alicia Fox Vs Melina and Eve

Layla and Eve start out with the aggressive lock up. Eve gets some elbows and goes for a head scissors but Layla catches her and slams her face first to the mat. McCool comes in with a chin lock. Eve gets a chin breaker and tags in Melina who runs wild and shows some good fire. Layla tries to come in but Eve sends her to the outside. Melina sets McCool up for the Infra Red but Alicia distracts her allowing McCool to muscle her into the Styles Clash for the win.


¾* – She’s getting the belt ladies and gents, no doubt about it. That actually annoys more than if HHH wins the belt on Monday. At least he’s had a run of ****+ matches and has been a legitimate draw at one point that coasting due to nepotism isn’t as annoying. You can argue “it’s only the Women’s Title” but to me that’s even worse. It’s hard enough for women in wrestling without feeling you have to look anorexic and fuck a big tattooed biker to get anywhere. McCool winning the Women’s Title will be a black mark on women’s wrestling.

TWGTT Vs John Morrison and R-Truth

Morrison and Benjamin are ready to start but Haas cheap shots Morrison allowing Shelton to pound away. Morrison fights back with the usual and tags in Truth. Truth heads up top but gets distracted by Haas allowing Shelton to leap up and nail him with an overhead belly to belly for the cut off.


We’re back with TWGTT getting the heat on Truth. Shelton slams Truth onto Haas’s knees in a cool spot. Truth gets beaten for a while but after a struggle with Haas makes the hot tag to Morrison who is a house en feugo. Morrison lays Haas out with the springboard kick for two. Morrison needs to give that a name. Shelton comes in but takes a flying head scissors from Truth and gets sent outside. Morrison hits Haas with the Moonlight Drive and then heads up with the Corkscrew Moonsault for the win.


**1/2 – Great little TV match

Chris Jericho w/ Rey’s Mask Vs CM Punk

Jericho cuts a promo pre-match saying that he’s helped Rey by unmasking him as he now doesn’t have to live a lie anymore. He’s angry that Rey hasn’t thanked him for doing such a selfless and generous deed. He once again declares himself the Best in the World. One day, “Final Countdown” will hit, one day, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Lock up and Punk goes to the side headlock. Fans chant for Punk suggesting that they may be starting to forgive him for last Sunday. Either that or they just hate Jericho enough to boo him against anyone. Even a Taliban leader holding a burning American flag in the midst of eating a baby would get cheered against Jericho these days. Punk gets the better of Jericho and tries the GTS but Jericho slips out and bails to the outside as we take a break.


We’re back with Punk giving Jericho some forearms. Punk puts Jericho in his tarantula style move and gets a cross body for two. Jericho fights back and suplexes Punk midsection first on the top rope and then dropkicks him to the outside. Back inside, Jericho puts Punk in a rest hold. Punk fights up and gets some kicks and knees before nailing a bulldog for two. Punk misses the springboard clothesline and Jericho gets the Lionsault for two. Punk gets a power slam and delivers some kicks but ends up on the wrong side of an ezuiguri. Jericho tries a face crusher and Punk counters and goes for the GTS only to have Jericho counter that with The Walls of Jericho. Punk makes the ropes and Jericho heads up but Punk kicks him and gets a superplex for two. Jericho catches Punk with the Code Breaker but Punk gets his foot on the ropes at two. Punk recovers and hits the GTS for the win.


*** – Really fun match. I enjoyed it a lot. Jericho was awesome as always and Punk was really good as a gutsy face.

Jeff Hardy Vs Edge

Wow straight into another match. No B.S. this week. Punk joins us to do some commentary. Edge and Jeff are selling like they’re both banged up from the PPV match and to be fair they most likely are. Edge’s mid section seems to be bothering him and Jeff’s knee seems to be bothering him. Edge slaps Jeff around and tries a spear but meets nothing but ring post.


We’re back with Jeff focusing on the arm and shoulder. Edge gets a Yakuza Kick to cut Jeff off. Edge works Jeff over but misses a cross body. Jeff tries a suplex but his knee gives out and Edge wastes no time going after it. Jeff gets his leg worked for a while but fights back and heads up for the Whisper in the Wind but Edge cuts him off and leaves him hanging by his knee on the top rope as we take another break.


Back with Edge still working on Jeff’s leg. Edge tries a step over hold on the knee but Jeff kicks him away and nails a desperation DDT for two. Some of the fans were buying that as a finish. Double clothesline and both guys are down. Jeff gets a Russian Leg Sweep for two and heads to the second rope for the AHHHHHHHHH Leg Drop for another two. Edge blocks the groin leg drop and locks in the Edgeucator but Jeff makes the ropes to break. Jeff nails the Twist of Fate and heads up for the Swanton but Edge rolls outside, so Jeff dives onto him out there! Outside, Edge throws Jeff over the commentary table onto Punk. This pisses off Punk and he runs inside to attack Edge for the DQ.


***1/4 – Great match till the lame finish. At least it makes sense if this story is going the way of Punk turning heel. Jeff attacks Punk post match so Punk lays him out.

Meanwhile, Teddy is watching backstage with Tiffany and makes Edge Vs Jeff Vs Punk on Raw.

Well, match quality wise this was an excellent show this week. This was definitely the no nonsense approach to Smackdown. It annoys me that they have a match to decide the #1 Contender and end up having Teddy making in a 3 way anyway despite Edge clearly winning. I still have to give it a thumbs up though because any show with this much good wrestling doesn’t deserve a thumbs down.