10 Thoughts On SmackDown – 06.12.09

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1. I finally got behind Jeff Hardy during the opening segment on SmackDown. Not enough to want him to beat Edge, but certainly more so that I have done previously. Maybe it has something to do with him assaulting CM Punk? I used to be a big fan of Punk, but recently, he’s gotten really boring.

2. In my eyes, Dolph Ziggler established himself as an old school heel with his count out win over the Great Khali, using any tactics necessary to get the win, and not being quiet about it either. This, along with Ziggler’s great theme music, is quickly making him a favourite of mine.

3. Eve and Layla once again let down the Diva’s match. While they certainly seemed intense in the ring their still sloppy workers who cant work an exciting, or passable match. Not even Melina’s entrance could bring the match rating up.

4. Could John Morrison & R-Truth be the coolest team on SmackDown? Considering there isn’t even a tag team division on the brand anymore, I’d say yes.

5. I enjoyed the tag team match and if anything it proved one thing – that there is a load of young midcard talent that needs to be given the chance to headline shows. SmackDown is already doing this far more than RAW, but I’d love to see a young talent just be pushed to the moon. And when I say midcard talent I of course mean John Morrison.

6. While CM Punk definitely needed the win to build momentum for his first title defence this Monday I don’t think Jericho losing cleanly was a start move. From the looks of things a rematch between Jericho and Mysterio is on the cards, so building Jericho as a dominant heel, or even simply an underhanded heel, through a DQ or count out loss, would have been beneficial.

7. A RAW rebound video took up almost an entire portion of the show. Now tell me there’s not something wrong with that.

8. Dynamite main event. RAW would never put on a main event lasting over twenty minutes and despite having a terrible ending (more on this in point 9) was a very exciting match. There’s a clear difference between RAW and SmackDown’s main event scene, and it becomes more and more obvious that having great technical fast paced wrestling will always top a match between two egomaniac big men.

9. I don’t understand the booking behind the triple threat match for RAW. Now clearly I don’t work for the WWE (not until they offer me the creative position we all know is coming) but surely having Jeff against Punk would make more sense. Have Edge run in and end the match, and then build to the triple threat match at The Bash.

10. Weeks ago I called for a CM Punk heel turn, and it does appear that it may be happening. It’s not definite yet, but that’s the way things seemed on SmackDown. Maybe people need to listen to me more often. My next prediction – John Morrison for World Heavyweight Champion before WrestleMania 26.