The Widrospective 06.15.2009 – WWE Raw 3-For-All Preview, Speculation

The Widrospective 06.15.2009 – WWE Raw 3-For-All Preview And Speculation

With WWE Raw expanding to three hours tonight, there is actually a fair amount going on in the world of WWE that could converge tonight.

We’re only a week from both Ken Kennedy and Umaga being fired from the company, Umaga as confirmed by drugs and Kennedy just speculation. Dave Meltzer has reported that WWE creative has a list of wrestlers not to book in major storylines, and that list could become more clear with tonight’s show. Add to that the quitting of Vickie Guerrero, leaving the Raw GM position open, as well as the injury to Batista and WWE has had quite a shakeup. Rey Mysterio also was off TV last week, missing the Smackdown taping, although it appears that it was requested time off for a family event.

For one thing, the Raw title is currently vacant, and will be decided in a four way match that will act as one of three title match main events on tonight’s show. The problem is that the four contenders – John Cena, the Big Show, Randy Orton and Triple H – are all former champs, and have all wrestled each other countless times. Actually I cant think of a substantial Orton vs Big Show program or match but I’m sure they’ve wrestled and I don’t particularly care to see them wrestle again.

If Cena wins, the natural program will be first against Big Show, and then probably onto Orton. This could lead to a Cena/Orton build for Summerslam. This doesn’t make a ton of sense, but could be the direction. It might also lead to a Cena/Miz mini program would be awesome – especially if Miz came out with the title somehow.

If Hunter wins, then Randy goes back to the chase, Cena could still be sidetracked with Show, Miz and others. This seems like a likely scenario, especially with the rule that HUNTER ALWAYS WINS.

If Randy Orton wins, he gets back some heat he’s lost in consecutive weeks of jobbing the title to Batista and then getting destroyed by Hunter.

If Big Show wins – ha who are we kidding.

There is also a chance whoever a new GM could be could change the match and someone other than those four could end up as champ.

The Smackdown title situation revolves around new champion CM Punk, as well as Edge and Jeff Hardy in a three way title match. Punk acted slightly heelish on Smackdown in his promo and commentary, although nothing overt and there isn’t an indication either way whether this is the beginning of a slow burn heel turn or just a new edge to the character. I thought it was HILARIOUS that Edge claimed Punk wanted to be just like him, as he won 2 money in the bank world titles and named his whole lifestyle around him (straight edge).

The ECW title situation has involved new champion Tommy Dreamer as well as Jack Swagger and Christian. The match tonight will be a one on one match with Dreamer defending against Christian, although it seems almost a certainty that Swagger will be at Raw and get involved. It will be interesting to see if either Christian or Swagger are moved into the mix on either Raw or Smackdown as well.

Will the question of the vacant GM position also be addressed on Raw? The timing seems perfect for the Nature Boy Ric Flair to return to Raw in a full time capacity as the GM, a role he kinda played when he was half owner of WWE which spawned the brand separation and draft.

My predictions:
Randy Orton wins the four way and wins the WWE title, and in an under card match Legacy defeats the Colons. This will instantly solidify Legacy as the dominant heels they need to be, all with title belts.

CM Punk retains the title when Matt Hardy interferes again

Dreamer retains the title as well when Swagger costs Christian the title.

Although in writing them back to back, they might not do a screwjob in both the ECW and Smackdown title matches. But they still might.

Vince McMahon shows up for a big announcement, which will be that the new Raw GM will be announced on next week’s show.

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