TNA News on Lucha Debuts, Knockout Return


TNA is interested in bringing in Mistico and/or Cibernetico according to reports in Mexico.

Christy Hemme has begun training in the ring again and is not experiencing any problems with her neck. She noted that she felt numbness in her arm four months before getting the MRI that revealed her neck was broken. Hemme also made the following comments on the differences between WWE and TNA: “Everybody (in WWE) is really working for that spot and the company really pushes people to be afraid of losing their spot, and to push for that spot which means you have to stab people in the back along the way. In TNA, there’s really no difference between office and crew and wrestlers. Everybody is synergistically working together for a common goal and that’s to make the company bigger and better (in other words, everyone is failing at their goal). There’s not a huge turnover in TNA. A lot of people have been there since the beginning. It’s just a good company to work for.”

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 15th June 2009 (subscribe here)