WWE RAW Presents: 3-For-All – Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Coverage for 06.15.09

WWE RAW Presents: 3-For All
June 15th, 2009
Live from Charlotte, North Carolina

Report by Paul Marshall

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews, Matt Striker, Todd Grisham, & Jim Ross

We open tonight’s RAW with Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler explaining that Vince McMahon is here tonight and will name a new RAW General Manager. However, Lawler claims that he is here for something else.

Cue the video of Legacy putting Batista out and the return of Triple H.


We’re LIVE and each brand is represented tonight! Time to begin the first of FOUR Title matches!

Chris Jericho© v. Rey Mysterio
WWE Intercontinental Championship

Before we get to the match, Jericho mouths how RAW went up a creek without a paddle. It’s noted that he brought the Intercontinental Title with him tonight. He talks on how he can be Rey Mysterio’s savior and set him free. Rey has on a new mask tonight. This match should be good, so let’s get this show on the road!

The bell sounds and Rey takes control in the early moments. Top rope hurrancurana connects and Jericho gets sent out of the ring. Coming back in, Jericho gets kicked in the head. Top rope leg drop connects and we have a countdown to the WWE Championship match; which is about 30 minutes away. Mysterio connects with the ring post, but Jericho gets uncerimously tossed from the ring. Out of the ring, Jericho drops Rey on his head and we take a break.


We’re back and Rey gets out of a headlock. Jericho sends Rey corner to corner and Rey sends Jericho to the ropes. 619 attempt and Jericho counters with a spinning torture rack backbreaker for two. Jericho goes for the mask, but Rey gets out of the ring. Mysterio attempts a comeback, but Jericho counters with a sunset flip, to which Mysterio counters with a dropkick. Mysterio on the apron, snaps Jericho’s neck off the ropes. Seated senton connects and Jericho kicks out at 2.5. Pillar to post we go and Rey counters a bulldog. Jericho gets dropkicked out of the ring. SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES BY REY! Both men are down outside the ring. On the ropes, Jericho cuts Rey off and he looks for a superplex…SUNSET FLIP BY REY GETS 2.9! Up and over is countered with a half-crab pin attempt for two. 619 attempt and Rey gets hung up on the ropes. Jericho looks to copy the move, but Rey hits an Asai Moonsault for two! Jericho is set up again and the 619 connects! West Coast Pop attempt gets countered. Jericho goes for the mask, but Rey keeps it on. Codebreaker connects and that’s the match!

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho
Grade: B

Vince is preparing to be interviewed…NEXT!


Did you know: Almost 2 million females watched RAW last week.

Josh Matthews is with Randy Orton and Orton interrupts, saying that everyone knows what happened. He talks about how he put out Trips, Batista, & Ric Flair. He says that Trips can’t come at him without a sledgehammer. He will take back his title. Enter John Cena, who takes the microphone. He assumes the role of interviewer, calling him gutless and a coward. He says that the match inherited 500 pounds of crap and himself as well. Randy walks away disgusted.

Last week, Vickie Guerrero resigned as GM of RAW…and got the biggest face reaction of her career. We go to Vince and they asked him who is the new GM. After much consideration, he’s not going to announce the GM of RAW, but he will let someone else do it. Vince says that the person will seize the moment. He breaks into the sad news…he’s selling Monday Night RAW. Okay? The announcement as to the new owner of RAW will be made once the WWE Championship situation is resolved.


We recap Vince saying that he is going to sell RAW. The commentators are shocked. SHOCKED, I SAY! We’re burning through the title matches tonight.

Christian v. Tommy Dreamer©
ECW World Championship

The match starts and they lock up. Christian goes to the ropes and he fires back with a roundhouse kick for one. Dreamer counters a mule kick to the head with a neckbreaker for one. Dreamer goes for the Tree of Woe, but Christian fights off and he dives off for two. Christian hits a springboard for two. Ten minutes until the WWE Title match. Dreamer fights off Christian and we go pillar to post. Christian goes for a Tornado DDT, but Tommy blocks it. Dreamer off the reverse takedown for two and we go to the corner. Christian charges and Tommy gets a lariat for two. Mule kick connects and Christian goes for the sunset flip. Tommy sits down for two, countered to a Christian two count. SLAP TO THE FACE by Christian and he goes back up top. He misses the high risk move and he tweaks the leg. Killswitch attempt is countered and Christian counters the back suples. Inside cradle by Dreamer…pinfall!

Winner and STILL ECW World Champion: Tommy Dreamer
Grade: D

Three hour show and not even FIVE MINUTES for the ECW Title match?

WWE Championship to be decided NEXT!


We’re back and the divas are talking about who bought Monday Night RAW.

We get the same video that aired at the beginning of the show, minus the Triple H references. We get surgery photos on this.

Randy Orton v. Big Show v. John Cena v. Triple H
WWE Championship

The bell sounds and we get paired off. Trips and Orton; Cena and Show. Trips goes after Orton on the outside, leaving Show to throw Cena halfway across. Trips returns to the ring and we go to break.


We’re back as we are back to the pair-offs from the start of the match. Show is dominating over Cena and Orton is dominating over Trips. Orton drops the knee on Trips and Show takes his time with a gut punch. Cena gets his feet up and Trips goes after Big Show. Cena and Trips team up and they finally take Show out of the ring. Cena and Trips are in the ring for the moment. They stare down as the fans are getting excited. Lockup and Cena sents Trips to the ropes. Shoulderblock by Cena. PROTOBOMB! Trips can’t see Cena, but HE DOES! Spinebuster connects and Trips goes for the Pedigree. Cena counters with the Attitude Adjustment, but Show takes care of both men. Back to the pair-offs we go and Orton is on Trips outside of the ring. Back suplex connects as Show is dominating over Cena. Cena gets another gut punch, but he tries to fight back. Attitide Adjustment is blocked into a bodyslam and Orton breaks the fall. Orton doesn’t want any of Show so leaves the ring. Show looks to chokeslam Cena and Trips, but they turn it into a double suplex. Orton takes care of Trips and Cena; then looks to punt the Big Show…BUT IT’S BLOCKED! Show dissects everyone in the ring with headbutts. Orton goes out of the ring. Bodyslam to Cena and Show goes to the ropes. BONZAI DROP connects and Orton breaks the fall. Orton gets thrown out of the ring and SHOW SPEARS TRIPS FOR 2.75! Show looks for the Bonzai drop and he lands on the knee. Orton slithers inside the ring and he goes for the RKO, but no dice. Trips connects with the Pedigree, but Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment. He goes for the pin and Show kicks out. Attitude Adjustment connects on Show and he covers. Orton breaks the fall. Cena goes out and he hits the RKO. Orton pins the Big Show!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton
Grade: C

And the purpose of running the title change last week at Extreme Rules was?

Orton celebrates on the ramp as everyone else is pissed off.

Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring for the huge announcement.


We’re back and we recap the WWE Title match.

Vince McMahon comes out to the ring. He comes out with a heavy heart. He went soul-searching and he feels that he made the right decision to sell RAW. RAW will be owned and operated independently of WWE by someone he had a history with. He received compensation and he introduces us to the new owner of RAW…DONALD TRUMP!

Oh God.

Trump is happy that Vince put his ego aside. Trump will do something that has never been done. Trump claims that Vince needs to give back. Trump will give something back. He will do something shocking. That thing is RAW will be commercial-free next Monday! Trump is setting the hard line with it. Vince says he lost his marbles. Trump will be at RAW next week to make sure things will be run the right way. He makes fun of Vince’s haircut from way back when. Now Vince is ready to deliver a farewell address, but he will do so tonight. Orton is the champion and we will have a 10 man Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender to his title at the Bash. Vince sends us to commercials.


We recap what happened before the break.

Mickie James makes her way to the ring.

WWE Rewind: Mickie James gets sprayed with hairspray last month.

Mickie James v. Rosa Mendez

Maryse makes her way to the ring to watch the following match. Rosa attacks from behind, but Mickie pays her back in spades. On the turnbuckle, Rosa takes a powder. Mickie pulls her hair, but Rosa snaps her off the ropes. Neckbreaker gets two for Rosa. She follows with another two count. Rosa takes the mounted position and she beats onto Mickie. She chokes her on the ropes before putting on a Rear Naked Choke. Mickie gets out of it and Rosa charges for Mickie. She misses and Mickie starts her comeback. Dropkick connects for two. Rosa goes low and she flubs a neckbreaker attempt. Mickie DDT connects and that is all.

Winner: Mickie James
Grade: B-

Maryse teases getting inside the ring, but she plays the coward.


We’re back and Hornswoggle & Goldust shoot some shirts into the crowd. The fun and games is interrupted by the Miz. He has a message for Donald Trump. He asks him to make the Miz the new face of Monday Night RAW. He says that he left him unconscious in the middle of the ring last week. Later tonight, he’ll eliminate Cena from the Battle Royal. Then he goes onto the Bash to get a WWE Title shot. That doesn’t stop there. He’ll be on magazine covers, movies, billboards, and the like. He tries to chase Goldust and Hornswoggle out of the ring. Goldust asks Miz where his imagination or creativity. Goldust mocks the Miz and he tells him to change his name to “The Whiz”. Piss Break jokes rule the night. He calls the two a circus act. The real reality check is that he a loser. He tells Goldust that he is in no position to tell him how to succeed in this business. He talks down Goldust, calling him irrelevant. He calls Goldust a waste of his time. He proceeds to hit Goldust with the microphone and drops him with a DDT. He tosses Hornswoggle like a rag child. He shoots Hornswoggle in the nuts with the T-Shirt gun.

CM Punk defends the World Heavyweight Title NEXT!


WWE Slam of the Week: CM Punk cashes in and becomes the new World Champion!

Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk. He asks him if he had any regrets on cashing in on Jeff Hardy. Hell, CM Punk got a Slammy for cashing it in last year against Edge. He is stuck with the morality issues. Matt comes in and he says that he shouldn’t feel any regret for what he did, cause if Matt was in the same position…he’d do the same thing. CM Punk blows Matt out of the water and he walks away.

We go back to last week where Edge admits to using Vickie Guerrero for power. He asks for a divorce and Vickie goes nuts.

Edge v. Jeff Hardy v. CM Punk©
World Heavyweight Championship

But first…Commercials.

We are back and the bell sounds. Hardy attacks anything that moves to start things off. Rollup gets two, saved by Edge. Edge gets two himself. Punk follows suit. Edge gets sent out of the ring and he Punk hits a suicide dive on Edge. Hardy hits a suicide dive of his own and the match spills out of the ring. Snapmare on Punk by Hardy. He follows with a kick to the back of the head for two. Punk gets out of the corner predicament for a two count. Scoop slam to Hardy and Punk drops the elbow for two. Edge gets in the ring and he takes out Punk. Jeff gets tossed outside and Edge gets two on Punk. Edge corners Punk and he sets him up on the turnbuckle. Edge climbs up and Hardy stops it. Hardy looks for the superplex himself. Doomsday Device is blocked as Punk misses and Hardy pins Edge for a two count. All three men hit a clothesline and we go to break.


We’re back and Edge has Punk in a headlock. Hardy is in pain out of the ring. Punk connects with a knee to the face. Edge off the ropes…KICK TO THE FACE CONNECTS! Hardy gets back in the ring, but Punk beats Hardy to the punch. Dual Bulldog/Clothesline combo and Punk gets two on both men. Punk attempts the GTS, but Edge SWEEPS THE LEG AND LOCKS ON THE SHARPSHOOTER! Hardy applies a sleeper on Edge, and Josh Matthews calls it a headlock! Hardy covers Edge for two, saved by Punk. Hardy gets sent to the ropes. Edge sends Punk into Hardy and Punk misses the spear. Sunset Flip by Punk gets two. Hardy comes back and he pins Punk for two. Jawbreaker attempt is countered by Punk with a knee to the face. Punk goes after Edge, but Punk drops Edge on the apron; Punk on the ropes/ Edge takes Hardy out and he readys for the spear. Punk gets the powerslam for two. GTS Attempt is countered. Twist of Fate attempt gets countered to the GTS. Edge goes for the spear…PUNK LEAPFROGS EDGE! Edge drills Hardy and he covers for two. Punk goes for the knee lift, but Edge tosses Punk out of the ring – he lands on the steps HARD ON HIS KNEE! Edge and Hardy is in the ring. Both men collide in the ring and are down as trainers check on Punk. Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind for TWO, Punk breaks the count. Hardy beats the hell out of Punk’s leg. Back inside, Edge hits a small package for two. Twist of Fate on Edge connects and Hardy goes up. Swanton Bomb connects, but Punk breaks the fall. Punk rams Hardy against the steps. Punk gets the cover and he steals the win!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk
Grade: A

Punk celebrates the win, but Teddy Long interrupts the celebration. He makes Punk v. Hardy one-on-one at the Bash for the World Title!

We recap Randy Orton winning the WWE Title earlier.


Did You Know: More males watched RAW last Monday than every show on ABC, CW, Fox, and NBC.

Time for some Tag Team action and Legacy is observing the proceedings.

The Hart Dynasty (D.H. Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya) v. Carlito & Primo

The Unified Tag Titles are on the line at the Bash when the Colons take on Legacy. Legacy shuts King and Cole up as the match starts. Smith takes it to Primo and we go pillar to post. Primo holds his own, taking down Smith. The Dynasty double team Primo and he is in trouble. Smith goes high risk and he misses Primo – to his defense, Primo was too far away. Carlito comes in and he hits the springboard elbow for two. Kidd comes in and he goes out. Primo hits a plancha, keeping it back to the two legal men in the ring. Backstabber connects, but Legacy runs interference.

Winners by Disqualification: Carlito & Primo
Grade: D+

It’s noted that Rhodes & DiBiase have new music.

Trips walks…


We’re back and we recap Trump verbally owning Vince McMahon.

Santino Marella visits with Vince McMahon. He hopes that jobs will be secure. He tells Santino that Donald Trump will do what Donald Trump wants to do. Vince’s phone rings and he complains to Trump on the phone. Trump has another announcement to make later tonight, after the Battle Royal. Vince can’t stand a billionaire with a massive ego. Santino makes a funny. Vince can’t stand himself. He corrects himself, saying that Trump cost Vince his billionaire status. Santino makes more jokes and he runs away.

Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, MVP, Matt Hardy, William Regal, Kofi Kingston, the Miz, Big Show, John Cena, & Triple H
Ten Man Battle Royal – #1 Contender to the WWE Championship

But first…Commercials.

They put up the wrong graphic for SmackDown. It’ll be Punk/Mysterio and Hardy/Jericho this Friday.

We’re back and we finish up the ring introductions for the Battle Royal. I’ll do my best to keep up, but I’ll mainly track eliminations. The bell sounds and it’s balls to the wall. Show on Cena, Legacy on Trips and MVP, Hardy on MVP, Kingston on Regal, Miz somewhere in the middle. Orton is on the ramp, watching the match. Trips is nearing elimination, but to no avail. Cena tees off on the Miz before going to Show. Hardy looks to get rid of the Miz. Legacy has Trips on the brink of elimination. Miz tees of on Cena again and Kofi gets chopped by Show. Miz and Hardy looks to eliminate Cena, but Show stops it. Trips gives a meeting of the minds to Legacy. Show is equal opportunity tonight. Headbutts for all. Clotheslines for all and Hardy readys the cast…but Show no-sells it. Hardy takes a breather. Show brings Hardy in, and back out. Hardy is gone. MVP eliminates himself with an assist from Show. Regal and Miz team up, but Show eliminates Miz. Everyone gangs up on Show and he is gone. Break time.


We’re back and Trips & Cena are in trouble. Cena gets out of it and he tries to dispatch DiBiase. Trips takes care of Regal in the opposite corner. Rhodes nearly evades elimination, but Regal is near elimination. Legacy teams up on Cena. Kingston goes up against Trips…big mistake. Legacy takes it to Trips again and Regal goes after Cena. Kofi hits a half belly-to-belly Suplex. Trips is teetering on the apron and Cena saves him. Rhodes takes care of Cena for that, but Kofi and Trips team up on DiBiase. Regal saves it. Regal gets spinebustered and Trips focuses on Regal. Cena and Trips stare down and they come to blows. Legacy tries to break it up and Cena looks for the A.A. to no avail. Legacy takes it to Kofi and he fights them off. Kofi leapfrogs on top of DiBiase and he eventually gets posted. They eliminate Kingston and that pisses Regal off. Regal gets eliminated as well. Down to four. Divide & Conquer attempt fails for Legacy. They then team up on Trips and DiBiase breaks it off to go after Cena. Double team flapjack on Cena and Legacy goes back to Trips. Cena gets some on Legacy and Cena hits a Fisherman’s Suplex. Back body Drop on Rhodes. DiBiase is gone and Rhodes gets saved. Trips saves Cena and it’s Trips and Cena. Trips counters the A.A. and he hits the Pedigree. Legacy attack Trips and the refs break it off. Trips and Cena are down and Miz slithers in. Appearantly, Miz is still in the match! HAHA, Cena and Trips eliminates Miz and Trips tosses Cena over. Trips v. Orton at the Bash.

Winner: Triple H
Grade: A

Donald Trump congratulates Trips for winning the match. Next week, it will be Triple H v. Randy Orton IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH! Orton is beside himself.

Show over.

The WWE RAW Report Card

Triple H wins the Battle Royal: A
Carlito & Primo d. the Hart Dynasty via DQ: D+
CM Punk d. Jeff Hardy & Edge: A
Mickie James d. Rosa Mendez: B-
Randy Orton d. Big Show, Triple H, & John Cena: C
Tommy Dreamer d. Christian: D
Chris Jericho d. Rey Mysterio: B

The FINAL Grade for WWE RAW 06.15.09: B-

The 3 hour RAW episodes are usually a downer, but tonight was pretty good. I almost questioned Creative for putting three title matches in the first hour, historically known for low ratings. However, the entire show was full of surprises. Donald Trump is the new owner of Monday Night RAW and he left his mark on the show. I question why the ECW Title match got less than five minutes. I probably gave a low grade for the WWE Title match. It was a good match, but Orton winning the match did no favors since it practically rendered the title change at Extreme Rules as unnecessary. The World Title match delivered in spades and the Battle Royal was one of the better Battle Royals I watched. Overall, RAW was good tonight. Enjoy your week!

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