ECW Real-Time Coverage for 6/16/09

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Welcome to the EC-Dub!


A special thank you to Matthew for covering for me last week.  I appreciate it.  Tonight we have Dreamer vs. Swagger, Bourne vs. Henry, and Christian vs. Smith.  I have high hopes!  On to the show!


Your hosts are Josh Matthews and Matt Striker from Roanoke, VA.


The Hart Dynasty music hits and here they come.  I’d love to see Natalya wrestle more but I’ll take what I can get.  We recap the main event from last week.  Christian comes down the ramp next.


Christian vs. David Hart Smith (w/ Natalya and Tyson Kidd)

The bell rings and they lock up.  Smith powers him to the corner and they break clean.  Christian goes for a take down but Smith reverses to a wrist lock.  Christian counters.  To the ropes and Smith shoulder blocks him down.  Lock up and to the corner again.  Smith slaps his chest and Christian slaps Smith across the face.  Christian with a rollup for two.  Smith slams Christian down.  Another slam and a cover for two.  Side headlock from Smith.  Smith to the ropes, leap frog and then a high kick from Christian.  Smith goes to the apron.  He tries to suplex Christian out of the ring but Christian counters and sends Smith to the floor.  Christian out and they both go up on the apron.  Smith hits a sick move that ends with Christian’s head hitting the apron as they both fall to the floor.  Ouch.  Smith in control and sends Christian into the ring.  He gets a chinlock on.  Christian fights up to his feet and Smith sends him to the ropes and gets kicked going for the back body drop.  Smith then gets Christian up for a suplex and holds him for a loooong time.  Cover for two.  Smith with blows to the head.  Christian hangs on the ropes and Smith tries to hit him out but Christian pulls the rope down and Smith goes to the floor.  Christian to the top and hits a cross body all the way to the floor.  With that, we go to..




We’re back and Smith has a chinlock.  Christian fights back but gets sent down with a big right.  Smith with a backbreaker.  Cover for two.  Smith with some smack talk.  He gets slapped in the face for his trouble.  He sends Christian to the corner and lifts him to the top turnbuckle.  Christian fights him off and hits the missile dropkick from the top.  Cover for two.  The crowd gets behind Christian and he gets reversed to the corner.  Smith after him and gets hit with the pendulum kick not once but twice.  Elbow from the top.  Cover for two.  Headbutt to the midsection from Smith.  Christian reverses a slam and drop toe holds him onto the rope. He stands on his back and Tyson Kidd gets involved.  Christian chases him around the ring and then gets clotheslined from Smith on his way back in.  Another slam attempt from Smith but reversed into a Killswitch attempt.  Also reversed, Christian to the corner and sunset flip for two.  Christian gets back body dropped but lands on his feet, Smith chains him back up and hits the running powerslam but Christian kicks out at two!  Everyone is up and Natalya distracts the ref while Christian goes to the top rope only to be thrown off by Kidd.  Smith hits a modified belly to back suplex and gets the 1,2,3!


Winner: David Hart Smith


Postmatch, the Hart Dynasty are going for the Hart Attack on Christian but Finlay comes in for the save.  As the Hart Dynasty leave, Finlay and Christian stand in the center of the ring where Finlay LAYS CHRISTIAN OUT with a shillelagh shot!  Awesome opening match with some surprises at the end.


Recap of the Henry – Bourne feud.


Commercial break.


We’re back and we recap what just happened.  Finlay nailed Christian with that shillelagh.  Gregory Helms asks Finlay what that was all about.  He tells him that 3 weeks ago, Dreamer and Christian got into a fight that Finlay tried to break up and got an eye injury in the process.  And, as the saying goes, eye for an eye.


Mark Henry heads to the ring and Evan Bourne soon follows.


Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas) vs. Evan Bourne

Bourne has his ribs wrapped from the attack from Henry last week.  The bell rings and Bourne evades Henry and kicks him in the legs.  Henry gets mad and throws Bourne out of the ring.  Bourne holds his ribs.  Henry follows him outside and hits him with a headbutt.  He throws Bourne back in and Bourne hits the baseball slide as Henry tries to come in.  Bourne attacking the entering Henry but Henry powers him down.  Big boot to Bourne’s head.  Headbutt.  He stands on Bourne’s ribs.  He climbs to the first turnbuckle but misses the butt slam as Bourne moves out of the way.  Bourne with some shots to the head.  Bourne off the ropes and runs into a sick clothesline.  Atlas taunts him from the outside.  Henry goes for the splash and misses!  Bourne up first and kicks Henry while he’s still on his knees.  Henry goes down and gets covered for two.  Bourne goes for a kick to the head but gets blocked.  Bourne goes off the ropes and goes for a crucifix pin but gets caught by Henry who converts it to the World’s Strongest Slam! 1,2,3.


Winner: Mark Henry

Postmatch, Henry gets Bourne up, carries him around the ring for a while and hits the World’s Strongest Slam again. 




Raw Rebound covers the three championship matches and the “selling” of Monday Night Raw.  Donald Trump is an awesome choice for this.  It just makes a lot of sense as he has the money to “buy” Raw, and his Wrestlemania feud with McMahon was a huge draw.  Next week’s commercial-free Raw will be awesome with the Last Man Standing match. 


Gregory Helms is in the back with Swagger and he asks him how he feels about his chance to earn an ECW championship match tonight.  Swagger says he doesn’t know what’s a bigger joke: the fact he has to qualify for a title shot or that Tommy Dreamer is the champ.  Swagger says he will win tonight and go on to take back his belt.


Commercial break.


We’re back as the “All-American American” Jack Swagger heads to the ring.  He takes the time to do some pushups on his way.  Tommy Dreamer’s music hit and here he comes.


Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Jack Swagger (non-title match)

Bell rings and Swagger shoots and gets Dreamer down eventually.  Front face lock and they go to the corner.  Swagger runs into a boot and then gets hit with a clothesline from the second rope.  Elbow drop.  Drop toe hold and an elbow drop to the back.  Cover for two.  Dreamer with some closed fists and the ref backs him off.  Swagger takes advantage and sidewalk slams Dreamer.  Kick to the head.  Sends Dreamer to the rope and gets kicked going for the back body.  Dreamer clotheslines him to the outside.  Baseball slide from Dreamer connects.  He goes outside to the apron and goes for the FMF but gets scoop slammed by Swagger!  Nice.  Swagger talks smack as we go to…




We’re back to watch Swagger wrench Dreamer’s neck.  Slaps to the face from Swagger.  He tells Dreamer he’s no champ.  Dreamer fights back and whips Swagger to the corner and goes for the bulldog but Swagger counters into an abdominal stretch.  Clubbing blows while he keeps him in the hold.  Swagger grabs the ropes for leverage but gets caught by the ref.  Dreamer with a sunset flip for two.  Belly to belly suplex from Swagger.  Cover for two.  Swagger slams his head into the top turnbuckle a bunch of times and then hits a clothesline.  He steps on Dreamer’s head.  Body lock from Swagger.  Dreamer gets up and elbows.  He runs Swagger into the top turnbuckle.  This time he hits the bulldog off the corner.  Neckbreaker.  Cover for two.  Swagger fights back with punches and kicks.  Dreamer goes for DDT but Swagger counters with the Northern Lights (Perfectplex) for two.  Swagger puts Dreamer on the top rope and goes for the superplex but Dreamer fights him off.  He goes for a punch off the top but gets caught.  Swagger goes for the gutwrench powerbomb but countered into a jackknife for two.  Dreamer hits his reverse DDT.  He then goes to the top rope and misses a splash attempt.  Swagger goes for the Oklahoma Roll and GETS HIM!


Winner: Jack Swagger (wins #1 contendership)


Postmatch, Finlay runs into the ring and chases Swagger out.  He then nails Dreamer with the shillelagh.  Christian runs in and takes down Finlay.  Swagger comes back in and he takes out Christian.  Finlay gets the last blow in by nailing Swagger with the shillelagh.


Another awesome show tonight.  Some great wrestling and Finlay just inserted himself into the main event picture once again.  I love ECW.  See you next week, kids.