Phillip Noyce Helming 'Mixed Blood' with Sam Jack

Phillip Noyce (Catch a Fire and the upcoming Salt) is helming a thriller called Mixed Blood with Samuel L. Jackson attached to star. The thriller Based on Roger Smith’s novel of the same name, which was published March 3rd, the story is set in South Africa and centers on an American fugitive trying to protect his family who’s drawn into a world of murderers, kidnappers and corrupt cops. Jackson will play a good detective who goes by the nickname Disaster Zondi. Kelly Masterson, who previously wrote Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead for Sidney Lumet, is writing the adaptation.

Noyce is currently finishing up the highly anticipated action thriller Salt starring Angelina Jolie, which is probably putting him back in the spotlight in Hollywood, since he otherwise hasn’t had many big hitters in the last decade. In the ’90s Noyce directed a pair of Tom Clancy Thrillers, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

Source: Variety

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