IDW Announces Transformers iPhone Comics

IDW Goes Digital with iPhone Comic Book Applications
Debuts new ePublishing initiative with digital TRANSFORMERS comics

San Diego, CA (June 18, 2009) – IDW Publishing is proud to announce today the release of its new line of digital comic applications, allowing fans to download comics directly to their iPhone or iPod Touch, The company’s TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN movie prequels and adaptation comics, under license from Hasbro, Inc., are the first wave of IDW’s own digital applications.

“E-publishing is clearly becoming an important part of the comics world, and IDW is leading the way,” said company CEO Ted Adams. “With these new apps, people who have never even been to a comic book store can now begin enjoying this great medium in a whole new way.”


The twelve new movie-related digital comics are a must-read for all TRANSFORMERS fan, setting the stage forTRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, this summer’s next blockbuster film. In Alliance, readers journey across the globe as humans and AUTOBOTS join forces to defend Earth against the DECEPTICON threat. The very origins of CYBERTRON are revealed in Defiance, fully preparing fans for TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, which picks up directly where the prequel comics leave off.

The TRANSFORMERS comics are supported with a custom landing page on the iTunes store and feature panel-by-panel viewing, easy to use controls, such as “swipe” navigation, and a convenient table of contents function.

These digital comic applications are the first major initiative from IDW’s new ePublishing division, helmed by Jeff Webber. Through partnerships with outside companies, IDW has already created nearly 40 digital comics, including dozens of Top 100 best sellers, such as Star Trek: Countdown. The TRANSFORMERS digital comics are the first that IDW is releasing with its own exclusive software.

“Launching our own iPhone comics is a big step for IDW, and fans of our lineup should look for many more to come,” said Webber.

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