A Modest Blog on Wrestling Fans’ view of TNA

“I just did the TNA roundtable. I’ve come to the conclusion, I just want them to die.” – Brad Curran.

I hit that point months ago. Every time I try to watch 5 minutes of TNA television, they frustrate me, whether its Joe carrying a butcher knife, Sting and Angle’s circle jerk with the Main Event Mafia, or the big mystery around Suicide that no one but Don West seems to care about, yet still manages to take up the X-Title scene, pretty much everything TNA does lacks internal logic. I could literally write a column bashing everything on the show… and have 90% of fans agree with me. Occasionally, I do like some stuff, like the Machine Guns or, generally, the tag division. Awesome Kong and The Beautiful People can generally do no wrong either, regardless of the crap they put around them, and Foley is even putting out some great promos, but until these acts get the same segments every week, it simply isn’t worth it to wade through the crap.

Let’s finish with some Pulse contributors thoughts on TNA (all they were asked is to one sentence their thoughts on the company, leave your thoughts below in the comments):

“Haven’t watched in a year.” – Kace Evers

“A very casual product which borders between being exciting and being retarded.” – Derek Kelley

“Don’t watch.” – Bones Barkley

“Fire Russo.” – Anthony Delebreau

“I don’t watch TNA because I already watched it somewhere between 8 and 20 years ago.” – Rob Blatt

“A terrible idea with terrible delivery cloaked in the mistaken notion that there needs to be a viable option.” – Andy Wheeler

There are a lot more, but you get the idea. When solicited for thoughts on TNA, no one had anything positive to say. These are all wrestling fans of various lengths with varying tastes… and not one of the 20 people I asked had anything positive to say. Think that might be a problem? Leave your comments below.

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