Eric Bischoff Speaks on Raw, WWE Roster

Eric Bischoff has updated the blog on his official website with his take on the Donald Trump situation on Raw, the Wellness Policy and his current favourite WWE wrestlers.

Some highlights…

“Triple H’s entrance is weak, old and so tired I went to go floss my teeth when it started. He looks like a Lhasa Apso genetic experiment gone bad. Get him some new music for Gods sake, and a hair-cut. One word describes HHH character: dated.”

“CM Punk was the best interview I heard all night. He’s believable, his in ring work is great, and he’s comfortable in his character. Props on the respect for Masawa. Can’t say enough good things about him. Matt Hardy’s mic skills are marginal in this interview. Unless he was just having an off night, his interview skills reached a plateau a few years ago. WTF is Jeff Hardy’s character supposed to be? He looks like Papa Shango after a Lap-Band procedure, and doesn’t look he could crack an egg.”

“Golddust and Hornswaggle? Too f’n goofy for comment. And Miz, make me believe. Because right now I don’t.”

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