This Day In History: NWA Forms, TNA Debuts, Raven Wins

Not the one with Dr. Dre and Easy E., but the formerly powerful but now largely irrelevant governing body of the territories. That happened on this day in 1948. Also of note from Buck Woodward and Ryan Martinez’s list at PWI :

1938 – Edward “Wahoo” McDaniel is born in Midland, Texas.
1973 – “Beef Stew” Lou Marconi is born in Cleveland, Ohio.
1979 – Pat Patterson defeats Ted DiBiase to win the WWF North American Heavyweight Title in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
1993 – The Steiner Brothers defeat Money, Inc. for their second and final WWF Tag Title Reign, and the third title change in five days between the teams.
2000- Raw: Gerald Brisco pins Crash Holly for the Hardcore Title. He goes on to lose it to Pat Patterson later in the show. Raw still did a 5.8 to blow WCW’s 2.7 out of the water. Nitro featured a main event between WCW Champ Jeff Jarrett and US Champ Scott Steiner. So seriously, TNA just did this main event recently, meaning it’s a rehash of a 9 year Nitro match.
2002- TNA’s debut broadcast saw Ken Shamrock win the NWA Heavyweight Championship in a Gauntlet for the Gold and A.J. Styles, Low Ki, and Jerry Lynn job to three guys dressed as Elvis.
2005- TNA held its first Slammiversary 3 hour PPV. Samoa Joe debuted and Raven finally won the NWA Title during the summer of ECW nostalgia, in a Jarrett-less main event.

Thanks again to Buck and Ryan for putting that together.

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