Kurt Angle Interview, TNA PPV Buyrate Information

Kurt Angle spoke with the Edmonton Sun about TNA booking practises. He revealed that the wrestlers in King of the Mountain have not been told who is winning the match and will not be informed until the day of the show. “There’s been a lot of preparation, a lot of ideas thrown around. But it’s been kept quiet. The bookers, the writers are not telling anyone who the winner is going to be. As wrestlers we usually know well ahead of time, a month ahead of time.” Angle also commented on how his ego does not need anymore world title victories as his current task is to elevate new talent. “I’m not afraid to lose. It’s not about the championships, it’s not about beating Ric Flair’s record. If I can help develop ten more stars, I can hang up my boots.”

Meanwhile, TNA Vice-President of Marketing, Mike Weber, spoke with Multichannel News about the promotion’s PPV buyrates. TNA does not release buyrate information to the public but Weber commented that the promotion is not seeing any significant drop-offs during the current economic climate. “The business model for wrestling would not work without a strong programmer partner to support the storylines and the promotion of those key events each month. We’re out there constantly talking to our fans and to cable operators about our PPV events and we’re succeeding… The economy is not making our jobs any easier.”

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