Rasslin’ Roundtable – TNA Slammiversary

King of the Mountain match
Mick Foley (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Raffi Shamir: It’s hard to bet against Jarrett in a KOTM match. I think the only thing that’s guaranteed is that Foley will not keep the title here. Anyone between Joe, Angle and Styles would be a good choice but with the rumors of Angle’s contract being up in a few months he might not be the best choice. I like the idea of Styles winning and holding two belts and Joe is always a threat but at the end, I think TNA would go old school, as always.
Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Steven Gepp: As much as I’d love to see Jow win, I don’t think he will until Tazz comes out of the closet as his ‘guru’ / ‘manager’ / ‘doctor’ / whatever. So I’m going to say Jeff Jarrett because he wnats to out-Flair Flair and add another World Title to his list.
Winner – Flair… Jarrett

Brad Curran: I have no idea why I keep up with TNA anymore (well, besides the Beautiful People and the occasional okay X-Division match). I Tivo it and fastforward through 90% of the show. Is that even morbid curiousity at this point? At this point, I’m kind of rooting for them to go out of business so that Gabe Sapolsky can start a new promotion with most of his 2002-2005 roster.
Oh, crap, I need to pick someone to win the annual clusterfrack reverse ladder penalty box match? Fine, but I’m not happy about it. AJ and Jarrett aren’t winning, Joe may not even make the match, and Foley, as fun as he is as an evil authority figure, is fat and old. Angle wins by process of elimination, and they probably should get one last title reign out of him before his contract expires anyway.
Winner – Kurt Angle (or, as Steiner would put it, Kerranghole!)

David Brashear: Here’s one that’s a bit up in the air. With Umaga potentially coming in, I think that TNA would want the feud between him and Joe to not be over the title. Thanks to TNA booking, AJ’s not in a position to run with the world gold unless they wanted to possibly unify the legend’s and world titles. Angle might be out the door in a few months, and Foley’s reign hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. Hate to say it, but it looks like it’s heading back to Jarrett.
Winner – Jeff Jarrett

TNA X-Division title
King of the Mountain match
Suicide (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin

Steven Gepp: This I think could be an awesome spotfest. Any could win, and I’ll be entertained as all hell as they put their bodies on the line and try to think of new ways to kill themselvges for my amusement. But I think Jay Lethal will do it, and dump the ‘Macho Man’ thing upon doing so (especially with a Macho Madness DVD coming out at the rival promotion’s shop…)
Winner – Jay Lethal

Brad Curran: This could be a fun match. I’m not ordering the PPV, buying the DVD, or torrenting it to find out, but still. I have no idea should/will win this either, so I’ll go with who I’d book.
Winner – Consequences Creed (he’s the only one who hasn’t had the belt ever)

David Brashear: Let’s break this down. The whole Suicide thing’s really wearing old. I’m really hoping that one of the Guns doesn’t get the title (because I’m afraid that TNA would split the team in a feud over the belt). That leaves Lethal and Creed. I don’t think Creed’s ready to carry the belt yet, so that leaves only Lethal.
Winner – Jay Lethal

Raffi Shamir: We’ve got two tag teams and one singles guy. I have to question the booking decision but then again, it’s TNA and everything is questionable. Anyway, they’ve invested so much in Suicide that I don’t see him dropping the title here, in what will probably be a good spotfest.
Winner – Suicide

TNA Tag Team titles
Team 3D (c) vs. Beer Money Inc.

Brad Curran: Beer Money’s awesome, and not just for their name anymore. Too awesome for TNA, and probably WWE and ROH. From what I gather, the British Invasion have next on 3D, and I don’t buy the BMI face turn, especially with Russo lurking around the Impact Zone.
Winner – Beer! Money!

David Brashear: Team 3D is beyond stale at this point. Beer Money all the way.
Winner – Beer Money

Raffi Shamir: Beer Money just turned heel and I think that a victory over 3D is just the next logical step. Yes, that’s me assuming that TNA will make a logical decision, you can start mocking me now.
Winners – Beer Money

Steven Gepp: Hard to say here. Team 3D have actually enertained me of late, but I’ve always liked Beer Money. So I’ll say Beer Money just so this feud can continue.
Winner: Beer Money

TNA Women’s title
Angelina Love (c) vs. Tara (Victoria)

David Brashear: With Angelina’s concussion she got last month, I’d definitely understand TNA wanting to move her to a less physical role for a little while. Plus, it’s a TNA tradition to put a title on anyone who arrives from the WWE.
Winner – Tara

Raffi Shamir: It’s a former WWE wrestler is her first PPV match. Easy pick.
Winner – Tara

Steven Gepp: Home-grown star vs WWE cast-off… I’m going with what the history of this company says…
Winner (and new champ) – Tara

Brad Curran: This strikes me as a “bring in a well known name to put over our home made talent” kind of deal. Hopefully if she sticks around, Miss Varon will be more than the jobber to the Divas she was in WWE. But she doesn’t need the belt in her first PPV match.
Winner: Angelina Love

Monster’s Ball
Abyss/Taylor Wilde vs. Raven/Daffney

Raffi Shamir: I haven’t watched TNA in a while so I don’t know if they still do the gimmick of locking up the Monster’s Ball participant in dark chambers before the match. If they still do, will we get an Abyss/Taylor love child in nine months (I assume that all the drug use have killed off Raven’s reproductive system). Anyway, these guys will provide a fun bloody brawl.
Winners – Abyss/Taylor Wilde

Steven Gepp: What in the hell is Taylor Wilde doing in a match like this? Expecting Stevie Richards to interfere, a lot of over-booked, but entertaining crap.
Winner – Raven/Daffney

David Brashear: I’ll admit it. I’m a Raven fan, and I’m hoping that he can have one more good run in TNA. That said, I really like the idea of putting together Stevie, Daffney, and Raven as a stable to feud with Abyss. And that’s who I’ve got to go with. This feud’s just starting, and it’s too early for Abyss to get a good win.
Winners – Raven and Daffney

Sting vs. Matt Morgan

Steven Gepp: Sting ain’t lying down for this guy; he isn’t into making new stars, just making his own star brighter.
Winner – Sting

David Brashear: I think that it’s about time for the Mafia to wind up with a new member or two, and Morgan’s as good a choice as any. I’m going against the flow and hoping that if Sting is winding up his run, he’ll put a few guys over on the way out.
Winner – Matt Morgan

Raffi Shamir: Matt Morgan deserves better but Sting usually wins the big matches.
Winner – Sting

Daniels’s Roster Spot On The Line
Shane Douglas vs. Christoper Daniels

Brad Curran: WHY ARE YOU THIS WAY, TNA?!?!?!?!?!?!? I HATE SO MUCH THE WAY YOU CHOOSE TO BE! If this is anything other than a decisive Daniels victory over a guy who should be following Randy Robinson’s career path, then I will… well, I don’t buy the PPVs and DVDs, and I barely watch Impact anymore. I have nothing to threaten them with. Daniels should win anyway, unless they did something really dumb and signed Douglas to a contract. Really, the fact that he doesn’t have a spot in King of the Mountain is absurd, although he might sub for one handed Joe.
Winner – Daniels

David Brashear: Could they possibly spell this out any clearer? No way Daniels loses – and the Douglas feud continues.
Winner – Daniels

Raffi Shamir: It has to be Daniels, just has to be.
Winner – Daniels

Steven Gepp: I hope for Daniels. So I’ll let the heart rule the mind…
Winner: Daniels

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